Wife's past

Married 17 years, both prior divorced. Both mid sixties. Enjoys weekly sex. 4 months ago started to get onto each others past after family losses on both sides. She opened up about shit I never dreamed of; swinging. At first she was reluctant about the deets. "Oh hell no, you opened that box", it honestly took 2 months of talking after work and some deep memory 'spelunking' to get the real deal. She was "coerced into marrying some asshole 14 years older. Luckily she ended that shit in 3 years (way before we met) any way, she only gave him obligatory half-clothed missionary pussy. No cumming, kissing, spooning etc. She knew he was fucking around, that's why he didn't protest sex once a month. Ok, to the good parts. He, after many months, coerced her into giving Swinging a try. This was 1980. I convinced her to record and write all the juicy shit down since we're not getting any fresher. She said, the first two times, she just worked in the kitchen, and that pricked fucked 2 other bitches. Third week she got naked on the hot tub, when two older couples got in, they hit it off and she was contemplating making a move when some obnoxious prick came in a ruined the mood. She decided to leave and stood up, giving everyone a shit of her 44d's and hairy 80's pussy and as she turned to go up the steps and out the jacuzzi, she said she was aware of everyone eyeballing her ass and she bent over just enough to show them all her slightly parted lips with all that hair with the water dripping off it. ( I had to put image into my spank bank)

That night after long argument and drive to the swing club. She decided to fuck out of spite. She met a nice couple and had hot sex and even swallowed his cum after he came inside her. She's always been a cum queen. Then the following week she boned another dude and even let him fuck her ass. Wow! We fucked hard that night. The though of another (decent, nice) dude making her happy, did it for my cock. And fortunately for my she comes quick from her vaginal sex. I'm getting to old for acrobatics. But I still give it the old college try.

In total she fucked 6 guys and 2 chicks over a two years period before finally leaving his abusive ass. After that she even went to a nudist colony and had some Euro cock when she traveled abroad. 17 years never knew what a freak she was. Now I want to swing ( just to observe first) or even go to a nudist colony. I feel cheated. She says no fucking way since that was 40 plus years ago.

Feb 26

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    • Most women will lie or omit their prior sex habits and partners. I know more than a few other women that are in the lifestyle and don't do half of the wild and crazy when their husband is watching, and a lot are like me in that my husband let's me go out by my self and that's when I hook up with a FWB and I might be 57 but I have rocked their world.

    • My wife loves flashing and sucking young bbc. My wife is 46 with 44 triple d big boobs and is obsessed with showing/ trades and coments. Wife is aware. Email me at juddstudd69@gmail.com

    • I'm 61 female and sucked over 100 cocks in the pass 20 years and still married. My husband gets his rocks off letting me have fun and likes to watch. We never told anybody.

    • I slept with over 200 women and neither of mine ever found out or even asked. Its the past for a reason

    • Everyone has a past

    • Conservatively, my wife has had well over 250 ‘partners’ - it makes absolutely no difference to me and shouldn’t to you.

    • Fucking whore wife

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