Spying on neighbors with telescope

I have been spying on one of my neighbors with my telescope. I live out in the country and they are about a quarter of a mile down the road. They do not have one single blind or curtain in their house. I watch for hours in the evening, as soon as it starts getting dark. They are a younger couple. I have seen everything. They both walk around the house naked. Their bedroom is the wall which faces down the road to my place and their bed is on the opposite wall, so I can see anything going on in that bed. I have seen everything that sweet young lady has to show. I have watched her dress in the morning, undress in the evening after she gets home from work. I have watched them have sex. I have seen her jerking and sucking off her husband. I have watched him fuck her in several different positions. I love it when he does her doggy style over the edge of the bed. I can watch his cock moving in and out of her furry little twat. I don't think they are trying to have kids right now, as when he cums, he pulls out and shoots his load on her ass cheeks and back, or she sucks him off. Now that is what I call entertainment!

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  • My husband does not fuck me. I am looking for sex chat. Chat with me now: https://ujeb.se/gprHh

  • Almost the same situation, but we're spied on. Wife Jill likes laying on the deck nude. I must says she is hot. We're working only an hour a day from home now (That's all we worked at the office too) -- she's got her plump butt on the deck by 10. Feeling a little weird I started laying our al natural with her. Looking up at the only house I can see a guy with a telescope. 'Jill, there a guy looking at us.' She says he's looking at her and he's been doing it for a year. He's harmless, she met him at the store and he's good looking. I say if you don't mind, guess I don't but he's probably jerking off. 'like you don't with all your girlie magazines, you guys jerk off, I'm saving a tree. An i'm a 38 year old consenting adult.'
    One day, laying out naked, i see her snickering. 'he's watching, let's give him something special today. how about a blowjob?'

  • I was lucky to have had a couple of neighbors like that. Grew up a typical suburban plot home with my bedroom at the back of the house on the 2nd floor. Overlooked the living room, family room and guest bedrooms of the house behind us occupied by a couple of nudist swingers. The windows on the swingers house were all larger, almost picture window size and they never closed the drapes. Had my sex education in my early teens watching all the activities. Women always outnumbered the men so I saw a lot of girl on girl stuff, Guess that's why I have such a high sex drive now. About ten years later as a young married with two toddlers we moved into home out in the county on an acre lot. Neighbors had an acre too but out homes literally were only about 100 feet apart. Our family room and patio looked right into their master bed and bath. The had no window coverings at all so I couldn't help but see them all the time, bathing, dressing, fucking, doing chores, etc. I could literally see right in on them without binoculars right from the patio. With our wooded back yard I'd sit and watch them all the time. I could drop my pants and wank off to them anytime at all. After a month or so I told the wife as she hadn't realized it and had her sit with me and watch. It was jaw dropping for her but also turned her on. We regularly watched them while fucking either outside or in the family room. Thing was, this couple was really fit but both were ugly as dogs in the face. The wife and I used to kid each other about swinging with them and we probably would have as they were nice as we got to know them. We each got transferred away after about 18 months but it was fun while it lasted.

  • I started doing this in my teens, spying on the hot, young wife two yards down who was almost always alone, working outside a lot in shorts and her bikini top, or laying out to tan. Would watch her with binoculars from our back garage or alongside of it. Had her dead-center, too. Then, when hubs was home, rare as that was, their bedroom was on the same side as my view, so I'd watch until they were in there together. One afternoon, I did watch him strip her naked, mount her on the bed, and fuck the hell out of her. I got a free show until my arms got tired from holding the binoculars.

    From bushes in an unused property that faced their bathroom, I'd zoom in and see her taking showers, lying on the floor to douche out, and finger herself. She never knew how often I watched her or the show she put on for me.

  • I have spied on my neighbor's for years, I'd look through their bathroom ventilation and watch the mother and daughter undress before showering. Then daughter grew up and I watched her inspecting her growing boobs and pussy pubic hair, watching this beautiful young blonde girl strip off her small bar was the best thing I've ever seen, shed dance around nude and shake her bare bottoms and look at her body shape in the mirror. She had a lovely body, and she loved looking at herself in the mirror. I used to masturbate watching them. I have also filmed them many times and some have been uploaded on the internet.

  • Amazing!! That’s so hot!! I’d love to have a neighbor like that!! Where could we see the videos? I love true voyeur videos.

  • Xvideos and pornhub

  • That’s hot I would stroke myself also watching them finger their pussys👍👍

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