Daughters boyfriend

I've been sending naughty pictures of my wife to our daughters boyfriend Ben! At first he didn't believe it was her until he saw her with my cock in her mouth, he loved my dirty snaps,I messaged him saying that he'd seen enough of my wife have you got any of Sophia our daughter getting up to naughty things? He thought I was joking but I insisted he gave me anything he had, they were pretty bland to begin with just close up pictures of her ass and tits until he sent one of his cock in her pussy from behind! Mmm that's better I text him, they started coming through thick and fast! Sophia with his cock in her mouth,ones with her riding him, got to keep this to ourselves Ben said, absolutely was my response, have you tried fucking her asshole yet I asked? No he said, you know her mother likes it try her! And film it I said! Like the good lad that he is 2 days later a message came through saying check this out! You could hear them talking and Ben trying to persuade Sophia into trying anal! Reluctantly she agreed, he's filming her arse and rubbing lube on her virgin hole! Sophia is sighing with pleasure then he films his face smiling then pans down to her arsehole, I couldn't believe what I was watching! Ben's cock pushes into my daughters ass and she's telling him to go slowly! Oow she squeals but she's taking his cock ,incredibly he's fully inside her and she's beginning to get used to it! Wow it feels amazing Sophia says,Ben takes it out of her ass and into her pussy,Sophia's hole was still stretched open and Ben put a couple of fingers in her! He finishes by cumming in her ass then the film ends, me and the wife were having sex a few nights later and I was fucking her asshole and rather cautiously said has Sophia mentioned anal sex with you? No why do you ask? Take a look for yourself passing my phone! Is that Ben and Sophia? Yeah I said, she looked stunned as Ben started fucking her asshole, what are you thinking I asked? I don't know really but I can't take my eyes off it! Turns you on does it? She giggled and nodded,I turned her over and fucked her ass again whilst we watched our daughter taking a cock in her ass too! Follows her mother I said! Ben's got a nice cock hasn't he? I don't know I wasn't looking at that love! Why anyway I asked her do you want him to fuck you too? Mmm yeah baby my wife says! How about a foursome with them I said? That would be so naughty!! I pushed the boundaries and said would you like to see me fucking Sophia in her ass? To my surprise she said yes babe fuck her hard

Feb 26

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    • Please please share with me please garymontague10@gmail.com

    • I used to take videos of my wife sucking my cock and show them to her daughter, she loved it!

    • Still have them? Lol

    • You’re disgusting. Hope your daughters boyfriend ousts you

    • Line crossed - get a fucking life and leave them alone.

    • Tell us when you have a foursome! Do you think your wife will suck yours and Ben's cum from your daughter?

    • Share them

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