My only 3 some

Well, it was cheating - because I was married but separated from my husband - but I confessed it to him as part of our getting back together.
I was hot for my girlfriend's husband. He was hot for me.
Husband and I had a big argument, and I moved out. With that couple!
One night girlfriend and I were in the living room talking sexy and drinking wine coolers. I admitted that the last time I'd slow-danced with her husband at our apt. I'd let him move me into the dark kitchen and then I let him kiss me.....and then I took his hand and put it between my legs, into the crotch of my thin cotton shorts, "feel how wet you're making me!" We quit before we were caught!
His wife was sooo turned on by that confession! I thought she'd be pissed!
She said, "why don't we go upstairs and see what he thinks about 'having' us both tonight." I was stunned!
She admitted that they'd fucked many times thinking about this fantasy - a 3-some with me! I really was stunned.....and nervous, but I was also so horny from lack of sex with my husband for weeks now. (we were in out 20's and had a LOT of sex!)
She kept staring at me, "What do you think? Would you like to join us in bed?"
"Oh, damn, I don't know if I could do that - what if he says 'no!' ?"
She smiled at me, "honey, let's go upstairs and see what he says. Come on, follow me!"
We went up.
I stood in the darkened doorway of their bed room as she went to him laying in their big bed. She woke him and said something to him for a long time - too long it seemed to me! I was ready to walk away - when apparently she got to the point! and he got up suddenly on one elbow and looked quickly at me in the doorway. "What?!, are you guys fucking with me? Is this true?" he said looking towards me.
I said, "what did she say to you?"
He said, "she said that whatever I do to her tonight, I must agree to do it to you, too! Is that what you want?"
"Yes" I barely whispered, nodding.
She lit several candles, then we all sat in their big bed - where to begin? how to begin? It was very very awkward. This was new to all 3 of us. (I think? "I hope!?")
Someone said let's play strip poker. Then someone said "OK, first everyone go put on as many clothes as you want then come back to the bed! Go!"
So we did.
After some more wine and a lot of silly laughter....she was now wearing, well I don't really remember - what I remember is that he was now bare chested and then when he removed his jeans he was now sitting cross-legged on the bed in front of me......wearing a pair of my bikini panties which he'd gotten out of their laundry basket! His cock and balls were way too big for my panties! Way too big! I just sat and stared. THAT was the sexiest and naughtiest thing I'd ever seen!. Then he told me to stand next to the bed and I did, in a daze. Then he pulled off my T-shirt and looking me in the eyes pulled down my bikini panties, and then tugged me onto the bed with them.
His big thing was cunnilingus. She had warned me about this. He was really really good at eating me! Really good. Gave me massive orgasms!
We took turns in every position - and often ended up with both of us sitting astride him. One girl with his dick in her while the other sat on his face. Then we would take a break and switch positions! It was crazy hot sex. For a very long time. (my husband asked, "didn't you get sore?" and I told him "no, he kept us really nice and wet with his mouth, all night!")
Then, after a long time - since he still had refused to cum - he loved showing off how long he could stay hard and in a mouth or cunt without cumming ~ he had me on my stomach this time and was fucking me so hard that I was barely hanging on the edge of the bed, with my hands on the floor to steady myself in case he fucked me right off the bed!....his wife took things into her hands, "This is enough - he needs to cum!" she shouted, and I shouted right back "Yes! my pussy can't take any more punishment! CUM in me you idiot!" (everyone knew I was not on the pill - and he was not wearing a condom - so this really was a desperate over-sexed woman wanting him to explode in her)
While he was pounding and grunting away into my poor pink butt with his big thick dick ramming home in my fully expanded pussy.....his wife wet her finger and stuck her finger suddenly all the way to her palm into his tight ass hole.....

That did it! he roared and jerked and slammed me and started cumming in long spasms into my pussy!
"Yay !" we both cheered. Though mine was somewhat muffled as my face was being shoved hard into the bed as he continued squirting into my body. He fell exhausted and sated onto my back. With his fur buried into my butt crack, my legs spread slightly, We lay there a long time and then I could feel his dick shrink and slowly slide from y poor pussy,,,, as my cunt pooled his stuff onto the bed. We slept spooning in every combination until sunrise. When his wife got up to shower she looked back and smiled "good morning sleepy head!" as her husband was slowly licking and sucking in my crotch while holding my knees up and spread....I started jerking and cumming with my days first orgasm before she made it to the shower! Ah, my legs were sore, and somebodies fingers had been in my bottom!

We fucked many more times for the next several weeks. And only one more time was I able to force him to cum in me. In his truck, I'm sitting on him with my back to him fucking him and I placed my hands on the dash and refused to get off as he finally neared cumming. He's trying to push me off.....but I have him pinned! ....and he cums, big time! and is mad.
I did not get pregnant. But not from lack of stupidity.
My husband and I got back together. They moved away. Hubby still likes to fuck me as he asks me to retell more of those fucks with that guy! I'll admit, remembering and saying them out loud gets me hot, too!
Say what you will folks, but this is a true story. Set up by one horny/kinky housewife and one innocent 2nd wife, who turned out to be not so innocent.

Feb 25

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    • Nothing like horny married sluts

    • My husband and I separated after 14 years of marriage. I had thought that I'd have enough of sex and demanding men.
      since the children stayed with him, I had to move out and find a job. Things were tough, I was ready to crawl back to him and then I met a guy at work and he was nice to talk to and helped me out, no sex required.
      after 3 months in this platonic relationship I hit this depression and he dropped by to fix something in my apartment and he found me crying.
      It started with him hugging me to comfort me. then i leaned up and kissed him as passionately as I could.
      It began as the gentle, kind, giving, lovemaking. It evolved into wild barbaric sex. He rekindled my desire for sex and I'd most likely had run away with him, but he was married and I eventually went back to my husband with a new attitude.

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