Shop staff

My wife and I owne a retail grocery store. We have had it over 10 years , it is long hours so we work there in shifts with the help of staff. One of the staff is Julie she is in her 40s married and very hard working.
One afternoon while Julie and myself were working in the shop she started cleaning the shelving. She was knelt down taking stock from a shelf and wipeing it down. Her arse was facing me her jeans stretched so tight it was a great site. That's when I noticed that there was a small tare rite next to the seam very close to the crotch. "You have a hole " I said "on your jeans".
She felt around with her fingers and found the small hole. "How did you manage to see that? She asked "do you often look at my arse?"
"I couldn't not look at it, it was staring at me" I replied.
"Do you look at Sue's arse she asked"?
Sue is my wife , "ofcoarse I do, that's why she wears leggings all the time. They go transparent when she bends over and she knows that I love it" I answered honestly.
She laughed and carried on working occasionally wiggling her bum at me.
A week later and we were working together again I noticed rite away that she no longer wore her jeans but they had been replaced by black leggings. I worked the till and she made herself busy filling up. I made her a cup of coffee and ahe stopped working to have a drink with me.
"Do you like my leggings "? She asked.
"Yes , very nice" I said.
"I thought that you would " She laughed.
We went back to work. Half an hour later she was stock a chest freezer lid open and bending over it. Her leggings were totally transparent. I walked closer to where she was working. She turned around and said "I wondered how long it would take you to notice." She bent back over the freezer and said " Do you like my leggings like this , or like this"?
With that she pushed them down to her knees. She had no knickers on her bare bum bent over just infront of me. She put her hands on her bum cheeks and pulled them apart. "Or do you prefer it like this" She asked. I was looking at her two holes staring rite at me , my cock was as hard as it had ever been and very uncomfortable. I reached out and felt her pussy . Then there was the familiar sound of the front door opening as a customer came in. In a flash her leggings were back up and I was waking back to the till area.
Nothing else happened that day but we both knew what would happen next time we were working together.

Feb 25

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    • NICE

    • I would love to hear more

    • The next time that we worked together she was constanthy teesing me bending over and pulling her leggings down. At the end of the working day we fucked allover the shop . when we left the shop her husband was waiting for her to give her a lift home.

    • Damn dude, that’s so fucking hot. Would love to see a picture of this lady and her ass bent over! email?

    • Do tell

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