Looking for crossdressing suggestions

I am an overweight older male. I have recently started dressing up at home. I love how the dresses feel on me. I do not think I am a girl, I just like dressing up
I also realize I am an overweight older male so looking good is out of the question.
I want to dress up and go out in public; but not sure where would be a good place.
I live in a rural largely conservative area.
Now, I am starting to lose weight. I have decided to buy a nice dress that will fit when I meet my goal weight.
I want to wear it to a nice restaurant or bar.
I want to be comfortable when I do it
Any suggestions on going out in public?

Feb 25

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    • I also live in a very small town. There are a handful of bars, none of them gay bars, but I have discovered one constant that is true here and in any other small town. If there are multiple bars, even just two, there is always one that is the gay or bi bar. Meaning the one gay or bi people go to meet. It may not be obvious, but I guarantee there is one that people know as the place if that’s what you’re looking for. And if it’s a one-bar town, then anything goes in that bar and people are cool with it. This is about human nature and the fact that 10-20% are either gay, bi, or curious, and that’s true wherever you go. I’m telling you, once I figured this out, I’ve never ever found it to be wrong. Although it may take a bit of effort to figure it out. It also takes a certain degree of not caring what people think, or suspect. But rest assured, the opportunity is there.

    • OP here: I am do excited. I have been shopping for women' clothes ths past week and a half. I've been shopping the clearance. I've learned the good thing about being a guy- the clearance racks usually have nice clothes in my size
      Anyway, this week I have purchased 2 sheath cocktail dresses, three skirts; two tops; and today a cute pair of wedge dress sandels that will go with my outfits, and I only spent 50 dollars

    • What I'm looking for is more of how to go mainstream public

    • Go to the local bingo hall all dressed up, the redneck white trash in there will rape you

    • And another Moron crawls out of the woodwork like a cockroach

    • That comparison is an insult….to cockroaches.

    • I wear panties and lingerie sometimes underneath my regular clothing

    • I have a local gay bar I go to. You say you don't think you're a girl but once u go out dressed up that will change! I don't wear dresses but I'll wear short shorts and a little makeup, tuck my cock and I get TONS of attention. I get laid basically every weekend.

    • Unfortunately there are no gay bars near me.
      I love how women's clothes feel on me, and how they make me feel.
      However I don't think I am a girl, nor could I ever pass as one

    • You'd be surprised about where "gay bars" are. I was a regular at a gay bar and never knew. I was in my own little world. Of course, I was looking to meet anyone.

    • I went to a bar once on business just to get drinks and dinner. I was tired and not very aware. I was there maybe half an hour before I realized it was a gay bar. I’d even been chatting with a guy next to me and as soon as I realized, the conversation took on a whole new meaning. Lol. I actually disclosed my ignorance to the guy and he thought it was pretty funny. The rest of the meal was him trying to “turn” me and me kind of playing along and resisting. I didn’t do anything that night (almost, but no) but it did initiate my curiosity and now I’m comfortably bisexual.

    • I live in a small rural area. I've never heard of any gay bars.

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