Granny's help

I was in college at age of 19 when I moved in to live with my grandparents to be closer to my school. It was summer time and I helped them in garden with veggies and fruits.

My granny noticed me having hard-ons many times in my shorts when we were outside in the hot. One day she asked me quietly when my grandfather was farther away if she could show me something in the night that would relax the tension in my penis. I told her yes. I didn't know what she wanted but her approach made me excited.

That night when my grandfather was snoring loudly I heard my bedroom door open slowly and noticed the shape of my granny in the dark coming to my bed quietly. She stopped at my bed, slowly uncovered me of the blanket and I felt her warm hands stroking my thighs gently. Then I felt her pulling my pants off me. I didn't move or say anything.

Then I felt a wet warm sensation. She leaned forward and started licking my balls and penis. I got rock hard at once. I felt her breath on me. Then I felt her head on me taking in my whole penis and suddenly felt a strong sucking sensation. I came in seconds. My granny kept on sucking my penis longer till it got small and pulled back on my shorts and covered me back with the blanket. I was panting and she whispered to me in the dark that my penis was very tasty and if I liked it then she would want to give me a head tomorrow too. I told her that I had never felt so good before.

The other day she did not mention anything about the night. We had breakfast and the day went off. But from that night on she visited me every night and sucked my penis strong until I came. Nobody new about this.

Feb 21

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    • I really love granny‚Äôs

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