Summer camp

I went to summer camp thinking it was going to be hard living with three other guys in one cabin but when we all were checked in I ended up with only one cabin mate. We got along pretty good and after about two days he broke out some magazines he had brought to camp, I had never seen porn yet and really liked them. He came over to my bed one night while we were reading with our flashlights and asked me if he could touch my penis, I was a little surprised by it but also pretty turned on. I told him sure and he turned off his flashlight and pulled down my covers, I turned mine off and set it on my side table. I laid there in the dark feeling his fingers on my penis playing with it. Suddenly things changed and I felt his tongue licking the head and shaft while his fingers kept stroking me as well, it all felt really great but I also knew that I would not last much longer with all of this going on. I whispered to him that I was about to orgasm and he did not say anything and started light sucking on me and stroking it. I started to orgasm and he never moved his mouth away, I heard him swallowing and he kept on sucking on me for a few minutes while I laid there recovering.
He stood up and asked if I wanted to play with his penis, I did not want to say no so I told him sure and for some reason he went back to his bunk so I got up and walked over. I say on the edge of his bunk and played with his penis for quite some time and I knew he wanted me to do the same thing he had just done to me so I just leaned over and did it. It was not as bad as I thought it was going to be and he seemed to get plenty of pleasure from it.
We still had three weeks of camp to go and we would suck each other off just about every night, we ended up sixty nining some nights and I received multiple orgasms from him sucking on me for a long time some nights.

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  • I went to summer camp too, for three years. I loved it. It’s where I first fingered another girl, and where I first sucked dick.

  • Yeah, I'm no expert, but sounds to me like you might be gay.

  • I have always considered myself Bi sexual.

  • πŸ˜›πŸ‘…πŸ†πŸ’¦πŸ€€

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