Exhibitionist hiker

I am a male. I love being nude. I will frequently spend most of my day off in the nude while home.
I also love being outside nude.
There is a nice wooded nature preserve near me with hiking trails.
It has three entrances. One if them is secluded.
I like to go there, strip down to just mu socks and boot then hike. It is risky because there is almost always someone in the park
I do carry a shirt I can quickly put on if I see someone.
One time I was walking and approaching a trail intersection. I happen to see a very attractive lady looking at the trail map
I stood there watching her as I dressed. She never saw me but, it sure was a turn on

Feb 21

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    • I’m the same way, although i’ll go off the trail before i take my clothes off. There is one place that leads to a river that i go to . The river is rocky and shallow with some pools a couple feet deep . The water is very cold and invigorating, but It’s a thrill of possibly being seen that turns me on. I like jerking off and shooting my cum into the water and seeing the cloud of cum shooting out of my penis into the water or i’ll sit on a rock and jerk off right there.

    • Sounds fun. Do you ever get an erection when out?

    • I do sometimes.

    • Nice. I would be taking a good HARD look at that if I CAME across you!

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