I don’t consider it insest

My mom passed away when I was 8 years old. When I was 14 my dad remarried to a very nice lady Sarah, had two children, a daughter Stacy age 13, and a son Stephen age 9. We all got along fine, it was nice having a sister and brother to hang with. I never had any type of sexually feeling toward Stacy until one night. Stacy, Stephen and I had become really close, I would say close then biological siblings. Well it was the following Saturday after high school graduation, my graduation party was on Sunday, so I was heading out on Saturday to hit as many of my friends open houses as I could. I asked Stacy and Stephen if them wanted to tag along, since they knew most of my friends as well as I did. Well a few of the open houses had alcohol, that somehow got there, I keep an eye on Stephen didn't want him getting drunk. Well I didn't worry about Stacy until I went to leave the last open house, and couldn't find her. Ended up finding her outside puking in the bushes. Stephen and I got her in my truck and home. Luckly mom and dad were in bed and asleep already. Once we got her to her room, Stephen went off to his room to bed. I proceeded to get out of her pukey clothes, and into her night gown. Well I wasn't drunk, but wasn't real sober either. I shouldn't have, I knew better, but I couldn't help myself, I blame it on the alcohol, I started touching her breasts, well she obviously liked it because she stared kissing me. I didn't even mind her pukey breath. One thing led to another,and we ended up fucking, and Stacy was no virgin. This was our first mistake, second mistake was falling asleep, and being woke the next morning by Sarah. Surprisingly my dad was not pissed at all, on the other hand Sarah wasn't a happy camper. Sarah said it's wrong, because we're brother and sister cause my dad and her are married. My dad doesn't have an issue with it, because we're step brother and sister.
This all happened last year, June 2018, Stacy, and I are still dating and sleeping together. Stacy will graduate from high school this June, and want to move out, and in with me. Which might be better for everyone. Because our relationship is causing real issues and tentions between Stacy and her mom. It's also creating a few problems between Sarah and my dad.
Dad and I are still getting along great this entire thing isn't cauing problems between us. Infact Sarah and I get along fine. It's like I said, all the issues are between Stacy and her mom.
I'm not sure what to do. Even though Stacy and I really love each other, should I break it off to make her mother happy, and break Stacys heart. Or should Stacy and I stay together, with the hope that Sarah comes to except to whole idea, and everything goes back to normal.


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  • My summer breaks were nothing but a sex fest for years. I have two older brothers and the first year my breasts started showing they started playing with them and it progressed from simple touching and caressing to oral. I would sometimes have sex for over an hour between the two of them, one would go down on me while the other played with everything else then they would switch places. I had multiple orgasms for weeks all summer.
    One of them asked me just a few years ago if he could come over some time and go down on me again because he loved how I tasted, I told him no but I sure do miss the hours of pleasure we used to have back then.

  • Your situations a little different. You were having sex with your brothers. My stepsister and I are in love, and it's causing issues between Stacy and her mother.

  • It's causing problems between Stacy and her mom because Sarah wants you and she is jealous of Stacy.

  • What you do is grow up move out then it's your life not the step mother or throw it in both the mom and daughter same time maybe she pissed at you cuz she want bthe dick to but takes it out on stacy to hide the sexual tension

  • Again. I wouldn't that to my dad.

  • Your grammar blows...and trucks suck in all the ways possible.

  • Yeah, why you being such a dick head, toward the guy. Must be your a loser, and don't have a nice girl in your life.

  • Don't be an asshole, grammars better then most posts on here. Plus good ole boys drive trucks.

  • The whole reason you and Sarah get along fine is because she wants your cock. She's heard you fucking Stacy, and how much noise she makes when you do. She wants to feel your cock inside her pussy, pounding her hard like only a young man can do. Go for it. Bump into her completely hard. Grab a tit. Fuck her senseless.

  • That would cause issues between my dad and I. Let alone cause major issuse between Stacy and me. Plus Sarah is twice my age.

  • You should get married and have a family of your own one day.

  • You two need to do what you feel in your hearts is right. I feel you two should stay together. Heck give Sarah a grandbaby, and she'll be all happy.

  • You and Stacy need to be happy and stay together, regardless of what your step-mom thinks. It is also possible Sarah is jealous of Stacy. Maybe if you had sex with her sometimes, she might get along better with her daughter.

  • Only way you two are related, is by both of your kids parents getting married. There is no blood relation. Of course some people are going to look down on it. But you two have to do what your heart feel is right. If it was me I would ride it out, her mother will come around. Have you two tried sitting down together and talking with her mother?

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