Summer time in T-Town. I usually drive with just shorts on , no shirt or underwear , to hot. I’m cruising downtown town and kinda getting an erection when I stop to give this guy I know a ride. We are in south Tulsa he wants to go greenwood. As we’re cruising he points out I’m getting an erection a pulls my shorts back to reveal my boner. He quickly gobbles down my dick , I’m woo what the f… are you doing when I’m like damn that feels awesome. He new what he was doing, so that was the first time I shit a load of my love juice in a man’s throat. Nothing different accept he’s a dude , does this make me a fag or a dude who just got head. I lean towards the latter. Till the next road head see you on the byways folks.

Feb 21

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    • No it doesn't make you a fag or anything else. It's just a sexual act and if it feels good then it's okay. I was laying in bed with my wife watching her sucking a guy's cock when she stopped and pointed his cock towards my mouth and told me to try sucking it. I was nervous at first but once I got started it wasn't that bad and the guy must have liked it because he grabbed my head and started to cum in my mouth and I swallowed it. I have been sucking cock since then and I don't feel attracted to guys at all.

    • Why lable it, just enjoy. Our society is too worried about being labeled a fag or queer. Its just sex and its meant to feel good. If you're attracted to men then maybe your gay and that's OK also. I've sucked dick, got my dick sucked, but 100% have 0 attraction to men. I just enjoy the blow jobs. My wife os ok with it also, she's sucked dick with me!

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