What now?

Back when Craigslist was doing personals I’d use it to hook up with quiet a few women. Every once in a while I’d get the urge to hook up with a dude as well. I’m straight when it comes to dating and relationships, I would never want to date a dude, but every now and then I get the urge to fuck a guy, have him give me head, or let him fuck me or suck him off. Now that Craigslist personals are dead though I have no idea how to fill this urge. I know there are cruising spots, but what kind of places do you go for that? Also how do you let the people know you’re up for some action? Anyone with any information I would greatly appreciate it. I’m in the Billings, MT area as well if you know any specific place around her let me know! Please help me figure out a way to fill my occasional desire for cock or ass!

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  • What now? How about you denounce your sodomistic perversions, repent your disgusting abominal sins, and ask the Lords forgiveness before you spend all eternity burning in the eternal fires of Hell.

  • The Catholic Church made Hell up, idiot. The Lord gave us our bodies for pleasure, and does not judge us.

  • Squirt.org is an option. Many a guy from Squirt has squirted their load down my throat.

  • Learn how to suck your own cock?

  • Doublelist.com is the new Craigslist for cock. I am a cocksucker and have found it almost as good... it shows your real email address when you reply to a message, so set up an anonymous email account before you create an ad if you do not have one.

  • Doesn’t look like there are any cities near me to post in. :/

  • Sure, get the hell out of Montana and the opioid wasteland its become.

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