Cheating CAN save a marriage

The wife and I met and got married quickly in a passion filled furry only a few months after our first date. She had been dumped by a true alpha only a few weeks prior (unbeknownst to me) and was what I would much later understand to be an alpha widow. I had game when we first got together and she liked it. But it was fake. I kept her on a proverbial pedestal and by the wedding had become a simp. She wasn’t that into me and deep down I knew it. But I wanted to marry this hottie and pushed on through. The honeymoon was a joke. It was a vacation I paid for that I wasn’t particularly welcome on. Though I’d gotten in her pants very early on, by now it was already rare. We’d get into fights where she called me a loser and regularly told me no one else would ever want me. Finallly at two years I got enough, packed an overnight bag and left. Within a week I was boning some local tramp amd wasn’t even trying to hide it. At a month I was getting the crying phone calls begging me to come back. At two months I did. I am now the head of the house. She treats me with respect amd guys, if you’ve never had sex where a woman had animalistic genuine burning desire for you? You’re missing out. We just hit 20 years married and still get it on 3-5 times a week. Just sharing my experience. But you don’t have to live that way

Feb 17

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    • How true!
      I'm 51 and work for an engineering firm. My wife is 50 and a guidance councilor at our local public school. We've been married 27 years and our daughter and son are both grown married. I'll add that I got a vasectomy after our son was born and my wife got her tubes tied.
      For our age, we're both are in great shape because a life commitment of no smoking, soda, eating healthy and running numerous marathons together.
      We used to have a healthy sex life, 2 or 3 times a week. Unlike her morbidly obese 20 & 30 year old co-workers that are so large they have to wear sandals because they can't fit their feet and ankles into shoes. Please don't think I'm being insensitive, but these ladies are teachers and if there was a real fire in the school, most would pass out from having to walk fast 100ft to get out of the building.
      My wife's attitude changed toward me when she started going with the local teachers union to the pro-abortion rallies last summer. One day she came home and told me no more sex because we've had enough over our marriage and that's it. We argued and that was it. No more sex!
      Well, three weeks went by and I asked for sex. NO!
      I told her that's fine, I've been having all the sex I want from Maria (not real name). She's a 24 year old hispanic girl our company recently hired. She's new to the area and I helped locate her an affordable apartment using my parents connections. I'll get to that in a minute.
      Continued below. I ran out of space here.

    • Maria's 5" 5', long legs, nice tan, perky B cups & rock hard a$$, keeps her toes painted white. We started flirting and she admitted she was not looking to get tied up into a relationship at the moment but would love to find a fwb. I offered to fill that roll in her life because my wife stopped 'putting out'. Maria has an amazing personality. She made the comment. You're a successful and wealthy man, your wife needs to keep you satisfied or a young girl like me will move in.
      After the first time at her apartment, we started having unprotected sex 3 times a week. As a bonus, she's into anal.
      My wife got pissed and told me to leave! I reminded her the house is mine but actually still in my parents name. My parents owned a real estate business but when they retired 11 years ago, they sold the business, gave me this house and they moved into their summer home full-time at Homestead, FL. I'm responsible for taxes, insurance and maintenance like it's mine. It's in their Will that I get this house and my sister gets the FL house.
      There was more fighting. She told me she'd never going to forgive me for cheating and we're getting a divorce.
      I told her let's do it! Where will you be at your age and with the housing market right now. Where are you going to live on your salary.
      Long story, after a week, my wife agreed to forgive me. My wife was able to retire and she did. She stopped b*ching all the time and became nice again. We started having sex often.
      She thinks I've stopped seeing Maria but I still meet up once a week.

    • Maria's said I keep her off of Tinder.

    • Good for you on handling her not putting out. That’s part of the marriage contract and she welched on her end. Kudos for calling her out. You addressed another peeve of mine, women ordering men out and men complying. In the years after I found my balls, we still had occasion to fight (it’s rare now) and she’d tell me to go sleep in the guest room. I wouldn’t say anything, I’d just smirk and get in my bed as usual. She didn’t want to sleep beside me, she can leave. Fact is they love a leader. And they’d rather share a packleader then settle for a faithful loser.

    • Thanks for the support and positive feedback. I'm living in the 'I don't give a SH*t anymore' world now.
      I could instantly tell a big difference with my wife's attitude and behavior as soon as she retired & stopped hanging out with her obese co-workers and that teachers union. I convinced that attitude came from them.
      H*ll those b*ches are so big and I can't imagine they're able to have sex!
      I bet it is easy tor them to cut their husband's off. I know I wouldn't want to f*ck something that looks like a thumb. lol

    • I pity the poor saps who think that’s the best they can do. It probably devastates them to be denied their twice a month duty sex from a disgusting specimen. A woman’s responsibility to her husband is to be desirable and available (among other things of course).
      My wife and I mock those women who stop putting out over this topic. It laughable the couples they’re protesting are still getting it on. 😂😂😂

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