Wife has deep interest in black guys

To this day she be been married to my wife for 18 years.
When we met she wasn’t ready to get serious. I told her I would wait around for her until she was ready. I later found out she had a huge desire for black men.
Meaning she was in a sexual relationship with two but one for sure.
I never questioned her about this but it really turned me on. Knowing how gorgeous and classy she was I was willing to wait for her. For 6 months I waited for her till she finally came around.
One night at a party I walked in on her and a very handsome black guy really looking very interested in the other.
When we got ready to leave I just came out and told her what I saw turned me on tremendously. She couldn’t believe what I was spilling at her. That night on our drive home she confessed her desire for black guys and how she had to hide it from EVERYONE. She knew it wasn’t accepted by her parents, she was his former boss. I told her I sort of knew what I was getting into as I saw her one night before we got serious leaving bar/club with a black guy.
He appeared very athletic and handsome.
When we got to bed she brought up the subject asking why I wasn’t like all the others? She told me it was all sexual and he knew how to pleasure her more than any guy ever. She said everything he did made her weak. I asked her if the rumor about black guys was true and she moaned yesssssss!!! I said about how big?
She said very thick and long. I told her I wanted her to know the more she told me the hotter it made me. We talked about him and how good he was in bed almost until morning.
To this day I still catch her flirting eyes looking at black guys. We go out and black guys are always hitting on her.
I think after holding back all these years it’s time I give her the green light and I want her to let me watch her make love to something her body desires the most

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  • Once that starts and it seems to have already started, you are finished, she wouldn't even remember her name

  • Let her as long as you watch shared my wife with 13 guys it was great

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