My wife’s confession

My wife has started to go to Starbucks probably 3 times a week. She says that she never pays. She also talks about a guy that works there that she says is really hot. She goes inside to order so she can talk to him for more than the 10 seconds you can in the drive thru.

I asked her what he looks like. She said he’s a bit over 6 ft. Well built. Dresses well. Handsome. I said, “Think he has a big dick?” She said, “How should I know?” I said, “Because I know you. You asked me how big my dick was on our first date.” She grinned and said, “He said it’s like 9 inches.” I said, “Holy hell.” She said, “Yeah. Man I’d love to fuck him.” That’s not weird because we have been talking about the possibility of her having sex with other men. Then a few days ago she got home like 2 hours late. I asked if she got held up at work. She said, “No. Went to Starbucks after work and talked to Ryan.” I said, “For two hours?” She said, “No. He was getting off work when I got there.” I said, “So?” She said, “So I went to his place with him and fucked him.” I said, “Oh bull shit.” She lifted up her plaid skirt and showed me that she wasn’t wearing underwear.” I said, “And?” She said, “He has them. Still don’t believe me? I let him cum inside me and it’s probably still there.” I put my finger in and she indeed had cum inside.” She said, “There’s something else.” I said, “What is that?” She said, “This wasn’t the first time.” I said, “How many times?” She said, “Like 3 times a week for the past month and a half.” I said, “You love him?” She said, “Heavens know. I just love his dick. Babe, I told you when we talked about this that I wouldn’t leave you for another man. Ryan and I are just fuck buddies and I’m letting you know right now I’m gonna keep fucking him.”

Feb 16

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    • My wife goes to this busy deli at least twice a week for lunch with her friends from work. She told me they have a new man there working the check out. She said he was a black man that just retired from the marines. She said he has great arms from working out all the time. She said she would love to fuck him. So she had me go with her one Saturday so she could show me how hot he is. I admit it he was a stud. She asked me if she could fuck him. I said yes if I can watch. Not only did I get to watch when we got home she let me fuck her in her ass. That is something I never have done. Now I share her with others all the time.

    • My husband kept asking me if I would have sex with someone else so he could watch. Before he started talking about it I never even thought about fucking other men I loved my husband more than anything in the world so when we were making love I would play along with him and say that I wanted to try fucking someone else with a big dick. Well it ended up happening I was out with a grifriend of mine and I meet this guy who wanted me to go home with him and I thought to myself why not. And when we finally got down to it and he pulled out his cock and I almost fainted it was so big I had only been with 2 men in my life and they were both average size. He was gentle with me and he went very slow when he entered me a little at a time. I had so many orgams with him that I could hardly walk afterwards. It's been 3 years since then and he is still my boyfriend and my husband knows about it and doesn't say anything about it. I am so glad that I took my husband's advice because I have the best sex life ever and my husband seems to like getting the sloppy seconds from my boyfriend.

    • They all want you to do someone so they can watch. Mine was no different when I finally did it for him, the fucker was disappointed cuz it wasn’t what he expected. It left us both flat. I think that it lead him to sneaking around.
      Well I started confiding in a guy that I worked with, a good looking Cuban. He was very sympathetic. Well it wasn’t long before I was sleeping with him. I was much more happier. He settled down. That lasted 4 years and we moved.

    • Hell yes that’s the way every mans wife should be I love my wife fucking other men and the bigger the dick the better I like to watch her or hear about it

    • I would never leave my husband for another man! But I sure do suck and fuck a lot of them. He's got a smaller cock and those that all I need is the size. He loves hearing my stories he has even watched me a few times and clean my pussy afterwards.

    • You are the perfect wife

    • That's very hot

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