Naked FB profile photo with face

Back in around 2010 I had a female friend on Yahoo chat. She knew I was into small penis humiliation and she had seen quite a few naked photos of me. We had been friends for a couple of years and after I had told her about my fetish, I would ask her sometimes, if I was drunk/horny to post some embarrassing photos of me on my Facebook then change my password so I couldn't remove them right away. See, I would often post my nudes but just a second or so after they hit my feed, I would cum and remove them right away. When I was horny though, the idea of not having control and them actually being seen by anyone on my friends list was my dream.
One day, I asked her again and to my surprise she said "Your obviously to chicken shit to do it, fine, give me you login info"
I was stunned and not sure if she was just teasing, as she was quite good at that. I suddenly had to stop and wonder if I REALLY wanted it...I knew the rational part of me absolutely did not. When not aroused, I feel like everyone else would - embarrassed and devastated and upset. But for whatever weird reason, the idea of the danger, the sheer horror of the worst most embarrassing thing happening makes my heart race and I start to need the thrill of being more risky.
I asked her what photos to send, she said send whatever you want to be seen! This didn't suit me because a lot of the thrill is being told what I have to show. I wasn't going to complain and put her off the idea though, plus this was an opportunity to push myself. I sent her a close up of my flaccid penis first (literally 3/4 of an inch). I watched the transfer go through on the IM in Yahoo chat. I asked her to show me she had it and right away she sent me the image proving she had saved it. She asked again for my loging details to my FB, I had forgotten as I was so excited to send my photos. I quickly sent her my email and password. Then, before I could change my mind, I decided to just go for it, and I sent her a full frontal of me, head to toe, stark naked, face clearly showing too, again, flaccid. Then I couldn't control myself, I was dizzy, my hands were shaking so much that I could barely type/use the mouse. The adrenaline was overwhelming. I quickly browsed my images and found a fully naked profile of me, erect, head turned to face the camera. Having a small soft dick is bad, but you can always say you're a grower not a shower. If I sent this though, and she did post it...everyone I know would see my 2.5inch erect micropenis. They would all know that the biggest it gets. They would see my little nubbin poking out, more like a very large nipple than a penis. I sent it to her. I sat mesmerized by the little bar noting the progress of the transfer, I kept thinking I should click cancel before it completed but the thrill was too intoxicating. I looked at the 3 images I had sent and began to feel ill, I knew I was probably going to really regret this but I had to carry on and to be honest I was pretty sure she wasn't really going to go as far as I had asked. I had been begging her to log in, change my password, post my pics and log out then not give me the password for at least an hour. Bare in mind that this was so long ago, FB didn't have automatic image censoring. This was when multiple users had to report and image and then it could take days for it to be reviewed.
She messaged and simply put:


OMG your face too? Are you sure? Everyone will see!

I quickly typed YES

If you say so! BRB! She said

I logged into my alt account on FB which was friended with my real account, so I could watch what she did......

TBC if any interest

Feb 17

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