Humiliated by the Wife.

This past Mother's Day was a good time with family and it ended up being very embarrassing also. My wife was playing with some of the grand kids. Our one grandson who is almost two years old needed his poopy diaper changed. The wife volunteered to change him. She was cleaning him up and she asked me to come look. I went over to see what she wanted. She said honey would you look at him. His little penis is like almost as big as you are when you are soft. My mouth dropped open. But she was totally right. His little uncircumcised pecker was as long as my penis is when flaccid. Very embarrassing it was. Then she said he will make some girl very happy someday unlike his granddaddy. Ouch! That really hurt. Plus his mother said yes my son is a hung little guy. I wanted to crawl under a rock at this point. She even touched me on the shoulder and told me well not everyone can be blessed you know. It was really horrible. On the trip back home I asked the wife why she did it. She said that seeing the size of her grandson made her kind of crazy and it came out. She said not to worry she would jerk my little cock off and make me happy when we got home. Later that evening I got naked and laid on the bed and reminded her of her promise. She told me she wanted to shave me and put me in a diaper and take a picture cause it sure looks like a baby dick. She did stroke me till I made gravy though. That was fun. She kept calling me baby pee pee. I know I'm on the small side. It's only about 3.5 inches fully hard. I have feelings though. Don't like being humiliated like that in front of others. Especially family.


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  • I have a small baby dick too and thats why i wear diapers. i love being teased about it. feel free to do so,

  • My son's cock is like twice my size. I'm 4 inches long and he is 8.5 inches. I think it must have been the postman who fucked my wife. She denies it though. My wife always liked to rub it in that my son was bigger than me. She would hold his cock between her fingers and tell me to pull down my pants so we can compare. It really turned me on though. Suck it up you have a small cock and are a loser like me.

  • What a loser you are. Baby pee pee ha ha that's so funny. Nothing you can really do until they start doing penis transplants. Until then you are going to get made fun of. You should be lucky your wife even jerks you off.

  • Lol thats fucked up. Funny but fucked up lol

  • Kinda the same with us. Our grandson is 8 and stays with us so we have seen him with a piss hard. His cock is not as thick as mine but it is every bit as long as my cock when hard! My wife has also commented about it.

  • Lol how did you manage to see it?

  • He was looking for his car keys and found them in his shorts.

  • So tell your wife that was hurtful.

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