First black guy experience

I was searching for something different than what this message board is about, but it has my curiosity lol.
i’ll share my first experience with y’all.
i’m in my 30’s & i’ve been attracted to black guys since high school. i had 2 white bfs before my first black guy experience. halfway through my jr. year, i cheated on the 2nd white guy with a black kid in his sr. class for months without him knowing. i had always seen him around school and thought he was hot, but never talked to him until my friend & me went to our schools basketball game. he was on the team. afterwards, i talked to him & he gave me his number. i eventually broke up with my white bf after.
so, when we got intimate for the first time, i was very eager to see his penis bc i would always see his dick print in pants & shorts. i slid his shorts down and his penis hit me in the face lol. yes, it was bigger than my 2 white ex’s. i’ve done certain things with him for the first time that i’ve never done before.
the first few times that we were intimate, i would jerk him off & blow him. his balls were the first i’ve sucked, & his nut was the first i’ve swallowed.
when we finally had sex for the first time, i remember being scared. i never came bc it kept hurting. i kept telling him to slow down & stop. he was upset lol. i did finish him in my mouth tho. there was no way i was going to leave him with all that nut built up in his big balls lol. so anyways, it began to get a bit easier. i was able to go long enough where he was able to make me cum, & i was able to make him cum. and he made me cum indeed. the white guy who took my virginity made me cum a few times, but not all the time. the 2nd white guy never made me cum. but the black guy was a different experience. he was the first one who made me cum multiple times in a row, & there were times where he made me cum fast haha.
but anyways, i’m glad i shared my first experience. i don’t think i ever shared it before. thanks for reading

Feb 14

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    • I had posted an ad on Craigslist, when you could, and had a black guy respond.
      I thing I sucked him at least 30 times.
      One time I sucjed him and he came. I kept sucking him. He got hard again and came a second time

    • Did you ever lick his tight black asshole? I rimmed my first black guy and he covered my face with the biggest cum load I’ve ever experienced.

    • I was so lucky with my first black guy. He was a gentleman and he was hung.
      He made me orgasm every time we had sex. I start to orgasm, the he'd drive deep in me and hit my cervix and between those two feeling I'd be screaming. Wasn't so lucky with the next few.

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