Covid-19 Created A New Type Of Household

I never thought I be living in a polygamous household. Due to COVID-19 many people lost their jobs and/or couldn't afford to pay their rent. I'm the main bread winner in this household. My lady friend convinced me in letting her dearest friend Carol and Carol's daughter ,Pam, to move in with us until the situation improves. I have known Carol and her daughter for a good number of years. My lady friend, Sue, and Carol met when they was going to community college.
It was difficult with all of us trying to settle in with one another but it panned out good, especially for me. They knew I was the main bread winner and they tried to show me appreciation with hugs and kisses. Sue started to give me her fantastic head jobs more often. Carol would slap my ass at times and Pam would touch my privates secretly under the table.
With three women under one roof, I began to let my imagination go wild in my head. I confessed to Sue some of the things that went thru my head. Then Sue admitted her and Carol got it on when they first met and recently Carol seemed awfully friendly and started to kiss her with some passion.
Pam was the first to get ball rolling. She was washing dishes and as usual got her top wet because her huge breasts got in the way. She was not a small gal but a SSBBW. My cocked always rose when I saw those wet tits. I figured I better get some payback. I grabbed those big wet breasts and she reached back and pulled out my cock stroking it.
Then when Sue went to visit her mom, Carol hugged and passionately kissed me. I slipped my hand under her top and squeezed her breast hard. She led me into her and Pam's bedroom, where she pulled my pants down and began to stroke me onto Pam's huge breasts. I didn't know this was a plan the ladies created to show their appreciation of me having an endowed penis for them to use. Sue stepped in the room with a big smile on her face and began to fondle Carol. Pam began to give me head as I watched Carol eat out Sue. To my surprise, Pam swallowed my cum.
They decided we have a common law marriage and they will please me to their best ability. I keep a prescription for sex meds and I buy toys for the gals to share.


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