To my surprise

We were at my brother in law and sister in laws house this weekend they had a party Saturday night lots of handsome men and women my wife was pretty drunk and flirting when I went to bed I woke up about 5:00 the next morning and my wife was still not in bed I herd her moaning in the other room and I had to see I was happy she had picked up a guy to fuck I looked through the crack in the door and she was getting the hell fucked out of her I could see the guy had a very big dick so I watched them and of corse beat off also when the guy went to cum in her I knew that voice it was her brother he was bustin a nut in my wife and his own sister I shot cum real hard then men that was do fucking hot my sister in law was passed out the whole time she never told me she fucked her brother but I cum quick every time I think about it when I’m fucking her

1 month ago

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    • I was 11 when my mum passed. I didn't like any of the scrubbers daddy started seeing. I seduced him to keep him to myself. I got on the pill 'to regulate my periods.' I'm now pushing 30 and we are still happy.

    • Every blowout booze party we had included my hot older sister being the fuck target of every guy there, including myself. We'd had sex anyway, but those parties, where she'd get all kinds of drunk and fucked up, were great for fucking her multiple times during the night. We'd already fucked in her bedroom during the busy time of the party, and heard the knocks on the door but ignored them, but that same night, decided we needed more of each other and hit the finished basement couch, which was more wild and possibly public.

      We were well underway and I was deep inside of her, she was sighing and breathing heavy and I was moaning how hot and beautiful she was, I loved her so much (she had a habit of repeating that to me several times during those parties..that she loved me, don't forget that, I love you), and nothing was as sexy as her, etc, when I thought I heard a plunk or someone nearby. There was. A guy had come downstairs to sleep it off on the chair and footrest and had a front-row seat for out intense fucking. When I caught a look of who it was, hoping it was a stranger who didn't know us, I was wrong. It was a close friend of hers who'd stopped by earlier, knew her and who I was, and just watched his female friend getting fucked wild by her younger brother. When we were all upstairs a few hours later, he and I did a shot, and he told me "Good job, I've been trying to fuck her for years but couldn't..Nice to see what she looks like when taking cock, especially her brother's". I did the guy talk thing with him and told him, yes, I have her pretty often, and a ballsy "I own that" about her mound. Thing was, she knew we were being watched, but didn't care. Told me if they want to see, let them. Not like we're going to stop in mid-sex. I loved her for that, too.

    • Hell yes its hot to see brother and sister fucking hard

    • Yeah brother and sister sex is the only thing that you are going to love because of the fact that no one has to know that we are fucking and love to have sex with each other, but really my sister has a great body and I really want her hairy pussy and ass to be pumped full of my hot cum. We are both going to fuck for years to come

    • My older brother dated my wife first. He brought her home on night and fucked her in his bed in the room that we shared. I watched as he took her virginity and came deep inside her. They dated for a few months, and he fucked her two or three times a week late at night and I watched almost every time. He broke up with her and I asked her out. That night I brought her to our bedroom and fucked her, losing my virginity to her. After we got married, my younger brother came to stay with us and I encouraged my wife to fuck him. My wife fucked both of my brothers and me.

    • That’s assume I love it !!!

    • So fuck hot I wish my wife would fuck her brother I’ve seen him piss and I know my wife would enjoy that big dick I think if they were drinking together they might

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