Sunday Morning Masturbation

I’m a divorced middle aged woman and I masturbate quite a bit. I enjoy giving it a go at almost any time of day or night, and any place. The variety is fun. But my favorite time to masturbate is Sunday morning. That’s because I know so many couples are “sleeping” in on Sunday morning and many are making love, or just having a good all out sex romp. I live on the east coast of the US so on Sunday morning when I start fantasizing and getting wet, I know there are at that very moment tens or maybe even hundreds of thousands of couples fucking. It’s the time when they are together, in bed, with opportunity to make love. Whether they are alone, or lock the door to keep the kids out. I was married long enough to know. Omg I imagine all those cocks sliding in and out of all those pussies. As my hand slips into my panties and gently massages I imagine all those men thrusting powerfully and grunting with need while the women are moaning and whimpering and panting as their wet pussies get pounded into the mattress. I get my vibrator out and join in on the fun, imagining my own fantasy lover having his way with me. I imagine all the penetration and sweating and moaning and orgasms taking place at that very moment and I work the vibrator deep and fiddle with my labia shrouding my increasingly wet clit. When I orgasm I shudder and gasp and moan with pleasure, imagining all the others doing the same thing at that very moment. I love Sunday mornings.

May 10

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    • Would love waking up next to you on Sunday morning

    • I enjoyed a Sunday morning with the wife. Could start out as simple as awoken by the kids, send them to have cereal and TV. We would spoon and dose off , get touchy feely and before you know we are naked , her on all fours, or me on top pounding away... Oh if the kids were at the grandparents over night, it was all out Sunday morning fuck fest!

    • Oh wow! You sound like a very sexy and horny middle age lady!! Tell us a little more about you, body, breasts, full bush, trimmed??? Mmm luv reading that you bring out your dildo(what size and color) to join in and push it deep!! Also a tender clit under a hood of soft loose skin!! Glad you cum and make your self feel good, wish I was watching you too.....

    • I'm male but love Sunday mornings too. I get up real early because I work that nite and go back to bed in the afternoon. My wife is still sleeping so I masturbate a few times to all sorts of fantasies. Mostly oral sex related. Nice knowing I'm orgasaming with someone else at the same time!

    • Lol, The Sunday Morning Club

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