Fresh Start

We've been married for almost 20 years. I few years back our sex life was almost nonexistent. My wife, Kim and and I had a few serious talks. With raising kids, work, and the daily grind, we'd let our relationship die. Being at a crossroad we knew something had to be done. Our sex life was the primary subject. . We both wanted to put a kick back into our lives. We had an ordinary sex life, when we had one. My wife, at forty, still looked like she was thirty. She was on the tall side, a large handful size perky tits, sweet ass, light brown hair just past her shoulders. Beautiful in every way.
I had rented a house in a beach resort area. It was before the regular tourist season. Accommodations were cheaper, crowds nonexistent. The house had all the amenities. When we got to the house we got right to it. I grabbed my wife, we started to make out like teenagers. We went at it kissing, groping, rubbing everywhere. She was really getting into it, breathing hard, face flushed. I dumped her right there. I told her to get changed so we could get something in eat. She flipped me the finger and told me to get the fuck out of the room. I thought she was really pissed. She slammed and locked the bedroom door. I finished unloading the car. I got a beer from the cooler and sat on the deck, deep in thought. About 30 minutes later my wife came out and asked if I was ready. I about fell out of my chair. She was beautiful. Dressed so damned sexy, short wispy skirt with shear blouse. You could see her sexy see through bra. She didn't look overly slutty, but sexy as hell. I jumped up, almost ran to the bedroom and got ready. We ended up at a nice seafood restaurant on the water. Our waiter was having a lot of trouble concentrating. My wife was being a total flirt. While waiting for our food to come, my wife went to the restroom. She came back and put something in my hand. I wasn't sure what it was. I unwaded it and realized it was a thong. She'd never wore a thong before. About the time I realized what I had, the waiter showed up with our food. He saw everything. He placed our food in front of us and asked if there would be anything else. I said we were all set, he looked to my wife, she gave him a sexy smile and winked at him. He turned and left. My wife was blushing and looked away when I tried to look her in the eyes. I discreetly reached under the table and rubbed her leg. She gave me a shy smile and a light kiss on the lips. I told her she was such a tease and she was going to get herself into trouble. She said that she'd just started. After dinner and some more of my wife flirting with the waiter we went to the bar area. We were sitting at the bar and had our drinks. There was a decent band and a few people dancing. On the bar stool, my wife's wispy skirt was showing about all her legs. She turned away from the bar and said she was going to the restroom again. When she slid off the stool her ass came into full view. She stood there for a few seconds, her bare ass still against the stool leaving her ass exposed and legs visible to her hips. She gave me a smile and left for the restroom. She came back about 15 minutes later, flushed and acting shy. I asked her what took so long. She opened her purse and I saw her bra on top. I looked up and could clearly see her tits through to shear fabric. She'd also unbuttoned the top few buttons, so her blouse was open to the point of a probable wardrobe malfunction. Well my semi hard cock went full on hard. She stepped between my legs, rubbing her hip against my hardon. She said she got stopped on the way to the restroom by a tall, older guy. He hit on her a bit. She said we were here together. He kept up his pursuit, but she shot him down. She did agree to a dance. I asked if that was why she took off her bra. She said she did it for me and gave my hardon a squeeze. A few minutes later, her friend came over and bought us a drink. He complimented me on my beautiful wife and told me he was promised a dance, if that was alright with me. He looked at my wife and must have just then noticed her tits showing through her blouse. He tried not to stare, but her tits kept drawing his eyes like a magnet. We talked for a couple more minutes before they went to the dance floor. The first dance was to fast song. My wife's tits were all over the place. She spun around a couple times, her short wispy skirt spreading out. Well, nothing was left to the imagination. With no panties everything was on display. Her sweet ass and her completely shaved pussy. What ?! She'd never shaved her pussy before. She was pure lusty sex dancing around. Here new friend was doing much dancing, mostly watching. That song ended and the next song was slower. Her friend was more of a ballroom dance. Her rubbing his crotch into her hip and she was rubbing her pussy into his leg. He pushed her back a few times for a spin. He must have twirled her around a dozen times to her amusement and anyone paying attention. When the dance was over they came back over to me. They were all over each other. He told me I was a lucky man, and to take good care of her. My wife gave him a nice kiss before he walked away. My wife had a horny look on her face. She wanted to leave, Now! I paid our tab and went out to the car. She was all over me in the parking lot. She grabbed my still hard cock and shoved her tongue into my mouth. I reached down and grabbed her ass. When I moved my hand around to the front, she was totally drenched and completely shaved. I fingered her a little. She pushed her blouse off her shoulders leavings her topless is the parking lot. I unlocked the door and helped her into the car before we got thrown in jail. Inside the car, she was completely exposed. She rolled toward me and grabbed my cock. She unzipped my pants and pulled out my dick. She went down on me right there. I only lasted a couple minutes and came in her mouth. Really? She almost never sucked my dick, let alone let me cum in her mouth. She scooted over to me and straddled my lap. Her ass hit the horn letting anyone nearby know something was going on. She gave me a kiss, forcing my cum into my mouth. Wow! Who is this woman? I swallowed and continued to kiss her while I finished removing her blouse. I has sucking on her tits when there was a knock on the car window. I looked up to see our friend. I rolled down the window. He said I needed to take extra special care of my lovely wife. She reached over, took his hand and kissed it then pushed it to her right tit. He gave it a squeeze and pinched her nipple. He bent over, she gave him a hotter kiss this time. She told him thanks for the company, but we were going back to the house to fuck each other senseless.
All that was just the evening of day 1. Things continued for 3 more days.
Rekindling our relationship was going to kill me, but what a way to go.

2 months ago

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    • It would have been more fun if you had invited him back to your rental house to spend the night. Nothing makes me realize how lucky I am than watching another man fuck her knowing she is my wife.

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