Wife confessed old boss paid bellhop to suck her

Wife likes to share her previous sex experiences with me while we're in foreplay. Gets us both very horny!
She worked for an older guy, supposedly "leaving his wife" - who slowly seduced her at work. She was a virgin --- "he was patient" she says - slowly worked her pussy with his thumb - and then with 2 and 3 fingers. "Yes it hurt when I finally let him put his penis in me!" but she came to enjoy his big dick in short order.
The guy was in hogg's heaven - fucking a tight young shapely blond 15 yrs his junior!
He'd take her to hotels out of town - and they'd fuck.
He liked to spice things up by almost getting caught....pulled her jeans down
and bent her over afternoons in the park and took her from the rear.....parked on a rural bridge at night with her straddling him (caught by a county sheriff!, "embarrassing!" she said)....top floor of city library, doggy style on her knees (pretty sure two guys saw them)....back seat of a cab in Wash. D.C., "I know the driver saw my crotch!"
He'd have her remove her panties while in booths at fancy restaurants, finger her so waiters could see. Blow jobs at his business while she was under his desk, on the phone - sometimes with his 'estranged' wife. NOT lock his office door while he ate her as she sat on his desk....Take her blond head and fuck her face in his office. Everything was a first for her - sucking a dick, swallowing his cum, licking and sucking his big balls, licking his butt hole, letting him lick her's, 69, etc., etc.
One time he flew them to D.C. - stayed in a fancy hotel with windows facing the White House, she says. They were in bed fucking, when he used to the phone to order room service. He put on a robe, answered the door for a young bellhop with their champagne. My wife was laying in the bed under the sheet - and "it was so embarrassingly obvious we'd been fucking". Her boss spoke to the guy at the door, handed him some money.......and told my wife that this guy wants to suck your breasts. He ordered her to pull down the sheet. This youngster sat on the edge of the bed, he commented on her lovely large light pink nipples standing so stiffly - and gently took hold of her 24 yr old breasts. Kneeding them, playing with her nipples - then put each in his mouth and sucked and gently chewed each of her "C" teats while silding a hand under the sheet down her belley to her fir. Her boss stepped over and yanked the sheet all the way off to see what his hand was doing! -Then he told her to turn over so the kid could see her sweet little ass. She did, laying there naked in front of two men. The kid looked up, questioning, and her boss said, "go ahead...!" while he poured himself a drink and pulled up a chair to watch, while opening his robe and stroking his cock.
My wife whimpered a little at this humiliation - but it also felt so sexy to be so naughty for a stranger's enjoyment! His hands were soft while pulling on her inner thighs, to spread her, she was very wet he saw and bending forward he noted that she smelled strongly of sex. He kneeded her bottom so nicely while kissing up and down her neck and back. After a long time....He knelt and started giving her butt cheeks sucking hickies and then pushed his hand gently up into her crotch.
Suddenly she felt him insert his thumb fully into her very wet cunt, and she calmped her legs together and shook her head, "no!" The kid kept his trapped hand in her cunt.....then she reached back, took his wrist and pulled his tumb out of her cunt. Looking over her shoulder she saw him sucking "her" off of his fingers....and shivered a little at how naughty she was being, "I don't know his name & I let him taste my vagina!"
Her boss decided that this was as far as she was going to cooperate with his fantasy - a full half hour of watching her submit her naked body to the mouth and hands of a paid stranger was all she was going to take.
I asked, "what happened afterwards?"
"He fucked me like a madman! Absolutley pounded me into the bed. Always could last forever in me --- this time he was dripping sweat onto my breasts and back as he turned me every which way - just grunting and growling like he was mad at me.... spearing his big dick into me - clawing at my nipples and cheeks - shoving his finger into my poor little bottom. I was glad a woman is built to take very active sex - because he seemd to be trying to hurt me, or 'ruin' me or something between my legs! He was so angry and so horny from what he'd seen me let this guy do to me!"
"Finally - he stood me nude in front of the window facing the White House - turned on all of the lights, opened the curtains, told me to spread my legs. Then he shoved his penis up into my poor swollen pussy from behind and fucked me harder than any man has since!"
"I was so thankful when he finally came in me!"
"The next morning how was he?"
"Well, I woke on my stomach to find him trying to push his huge penis into my bottom! He knew I was still a 'Virgin' there. I flipped over, and sucked him off - so he'd leave my little bum alone! Nobody had ever done me there!"
"He fingered me in the cab to the airport, and under the blanket on the plane. Took me in the back seat of his Buick in the parking lot! I did not wear any tight jeans for 3 days after all his big dick had finished with me!"
He never did divorce his wife.....and my wife moved on. Still - he was the biggest dick she's ever had, she says, with a smile.

14 days ago

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    • HEY Buddy your a lucky guy but you really, really need to get your cock into her ass she will love it, please keep trying.

    • What a very lucky wife, bet you really get ever so horny about her sex stories, do you fuck her in the arse now ?

    • No, neither of us like to do that......but both of us love it when I slowly suck champagne off of her spread butt cheeks. Put her up on a pillow...with a towel under her because it gets a little messy. One time she tried to stop me when I was tonguing her butt hole, "OK, put yourself in my pussy - I need to come now!" I grabbed her hips and kept my mouth buried against her butt - stabbing her with my tongue while she fought to crawl away. She yelled, twisted, pushed down on my head, tried turning over, tried getting to her knees...fighting me for all she was worth....but I kept her pinned on the carpet with my tongue in her butt.
      Then she came!
      I was gently stroking her after she finished spasming and moaning and went limp, "was that the first time you've ever cum with a tongue in your bottom?"
      "YES, dumby! - I thought I was going to pee, or have a heart attack....or.....something!"
      It was the first tme she'd ever said "no!" to me. And I'd not stopped. A little bit like a 'butt rape'.....which she didn't want to admit she'd enjoyed.

    • Cock in there next will have her screaming with joy, she will love it.

    • Sounds like you are a lucky man! A very experienced woman makes the best wife! It really excites me when my wife tells me about the many men that have been between her legs and we fuck the entire weekend. We have been discussing inviting men into our bedroom to have sex with her as I watch. I hope that this happens soon since it is all that I have been thinking about.

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