New Year’s Eve new construction

I had a house for rent 2 houses down from mine so I finally got it rented out. The new renters are 2 very good looking woman and they moved in a few days before New Year’s Eve. And on our block every year we have a big block party for the new year . So I invited them over to hang out and have some food and drinks and meet their new neighbors . My house is center of the block and it’s a double blot . So we had more than enough room to party all night long .
So around 3 in the morning they are going to go back home but they forgot there house keys . So I walked them home to let them in . Before I knew it they are holding on to me arm to arm they are on both sides of me holding on .
So I unlocked the front door for them and started to back to my house. But they wanted to thank me for letting them inside so they asked me to come inside and have a drink with them . So I said sure bthat will be nice . So we went inside side and had a drink or two . Then they asked me to to wait a few minutes before I go back to my house they just wanted to change their clothes into something more comfortable . I really didn’t mind because I’m in a house on New Year’s Eve with 2 very hot sexy woman. And just as I started to look over here they come walking out of the bedroom dressed up in 2 very hot sexy outfits 1 in red and the other in black . They walked over to me and a seat on both side of me on their love seat . And the both of them put their hands on my inner thighs . And asked me if I liked what I was looking at. I replied back to them really fast and yes that the 2 of you look amazing together . That’s when they leaned in closer and started kissing my neck I was already getting hard soon as they started kissing my neck I became rock hard . Than they moved their hands onto my dick and started rubbing me . After a few more minutes they told me to into the bedroom with them . Just as I walked into the bedroom with they told me undressed fast . Because they have a surprise for me. So my clothes are off now. They made me lay down on the bed and they started sucking on my Dick. That’s when they said it was their turn for me to go down on them. It’s turns out that they are chicks with dicks . I did what I needed to do. I got down on my knees and and started sucking on both of them at the same time. After a little while I asked them who’s going to fuck my ass first red or black I don’t care by the end of the night I I’ll have both of you inside my ass so said black will go first .
So l bent over the side of the bed so they can take me from behind snd breed my ass . The rest of the night we flipped and flopped on each other’s body’s . And just as they are about to Cumm I get down on my knees and suck them to a finish in my mouth and swallow both of their hot loads of Cumm down my throat. All I could feel from them was squirt after squirt after squirt inside my mouth and on my face . What landed on my face they licked it all off of my face . Than I had them get down on their knees and suck my Dick until I Cumm all over their faces and watch them lick each other’s faces of all of my Cumm and when they got done they pulled me down in front of them and started kissing me with my Cumm inside of their mouths I could feel my Cumm running into my mouth it’s was so amazing that I wanted even more from them . I really loved how good their Cumm tasted in my mouth and how good it felt having them pounding away on my ass was such a great new year’s for all 3 of us . Today is Monday and we are going to get together tonight for another encounter. I think this time I’m going to fuck them. I’d like to have me in one and the other inside me at the same time .

13 days ago

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    • Do you mean these girls are shemales and your letting them fuck you ?

    • Hot AF!!!

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