Cheating wife

I've long suspected my wife of having an affair ever since I found some messages on her phone,she denied everything of course,I just couldn't rest! I decided to hire a private detective,I told him the story,my wife runs her own antique furniture shop,he said the best thing to do is to install hidden cameras,we devised a way between us to get her keys one day and get in and out quickly,a few weeks went by and then I had the call,your not going to like what I'm going to tell you he said! Just spit it out I said,ok,it's not just one guy it's 4,and two together on times he said,now it's your choice whether you want to see the video but I'd advise against it! Thanks I said but I had to see the footage,he met me at a hotel carpark and gave me the film,my heart was pounding as I got home,I put the dvd disc on,a guy walks into the shop,they start kissing,he roughly bends her over and fucks her from behind,he obviously cums in her,she gets up they kiss and he walks back out! I was hurt but nothing could prepare me for what happened next,I remembered the night,she told me she had to work late to finish off some restoration work! You could see it was dark outside,she switched the lights on and some guy comes in,they start talking then the guy calls someone on his phone,10 minutes later in walks another guy,both men start fondling my wife,she then drops to the floor and takes both their cocks out! She's sucking on two cocks,one guy pulls her up and takes her top off and then her jeans, she bends over with one guy fucking her from behind and the other in her mouth,they take turns on her,then unbelievably she sits on one guy then the other fucks her arsehole again they both swap positions,she ends up on her knees with both men cumming over her face,the next guy that fucks her is similar to the first guy,do I confront her with the evidence or say nothing and carry on as normal

20 days ago

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    • MY nympho ex Kaylee I couldn't fuck enough. I'd fuck her on our lunch hour in the car or she'd give me a blowjob. Thought marrying would settle her down. I knew she had a fuck buddy who bought her expensive stuff. She's a looker and had no problem finding guys. She's my FWB now, cheating on another husband. She's in 40's now and swearers it's only him and I. We were married a year, we hung out a lot with Bob and June. June calls me at work, I think my Bob's fucking your Kaylee. They actually do it outdoors and June is too scared to spy on them alone. Meet me at Walmart, bring binoculars -- we'll see or not see them fuck -- maybe they just jog together. Both say they are, but not with each other. We watch them jog. June says I feel so bad, thinking they are fucking and they're just staying in shape for us. They get to the top of hill, under a tree Kaylee pulls his shorts down and plays with his dick, that doesn't to get fully hard -- Bob looks around like he has stage fright anxiety. Kaylee get on her knees and gives him a blowjob. June goes OMG -- this is so hot -- we should be mad. Bob's seems over boner problem, they strip naked and he fucks her. June tells me if you want me you can have me, get even thing, I often fantasized about you. But I want to get a room. She's a pleasantly plump gal and I get my chubby girl fix. Years later I tell Kaylee everything and she's pissed we watched. "I get the get even part, but once saw me pull his shorts down -- you 2 should have left. Who the fuck watches their spouse have sex with the other's spouse." She said the 2nd most embarrassing thing was her teen boyfriend's Mom walking in on a BJ, Now my husband watching me give one with the guy's wife that I'm giving it to -- far beats that. Nympho values.

    • Post it online

    • Have some self respect and confront her then divorce her. Tell her if she fights it you will send the video to all of her family and friends (upload to the cloud and send them a link). Easy-peasy.

    • My ex-wife's a RN and I found out she was F**king a surgeon at the hospital because the surgeon's wife was having him followed by a private detective.
      I'm active military and drove her car to work one day. I was in my office when an announcement came across the PA that the parking lot under lock down.
      Long story but I was pulled out and interrogated while the bomb squad removed the private detective's tracker from my car. Someone dropped their keys and noticed something unusual under the SUV.
      The private detective was contacted and he confessed to putting the device on my ex-wife's car because she was meeting up with his client's husband numerous times during the week.
      My wife confessed to her affair and during the divorce she confessed 'Mr. Surgeon' wasn't the only guy she'd been f**king on the side. There was a group of doctors at the hospital and my ex-wife was getting passed around. There were other RNs involved too.

    • My ex-wife Angie was cheating on me, never had a clue. I never would’ve known until my daughter told me, after Angie slept with her boy friend. I found out while I was hosting Monday night football, guys would be helping her clean, but they were fucking her instead, then while she went shopping she would meet up with one of my buddies in the parking lot to fuck, also at the supermarket, at her job, you could see her lock the door as the guy enters and then 30 minutes later he would leave, and she didn’t lock the door then. I finally had enough and divorced her.

    • "finally had enough"? You should have kicked her ass to the curb the 1st day you found out.

    • Is that how you got black & blue?

    • Carry on as normal. And watch the video whenever you want. There is no better porn star than your wife.

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