Breast feeding

After reading about all the breast feeding stuff lately i thought id share mine. I've put this under cheating but I kinda think it's not cheating... here goes, my husband and I have 2 little ones, I tandem feed both. Father In law walked in unexpectedly the other week, an saw both little ones latched on, with me wearing just a nursing bra and leggings. He stood there mouth wide open, to be fair my breasts are up to 36E now, they were at the point of engorgement lol! My husband got all weird and was saying cover up etc, but FIL sat on the armchair opposite and said it's completely natural. Fast forward a few days later, little ones were at my mums, i needed to pump my breasts were ready to explode, FIL came around knowing my husband was at work. He could see I was getting agitated looking for the pump. He told me to sit down and he'd help, (I assumed look for the damn thing) with that he keeled down peeled my top up, unclipped my nursing bra and took out the sodden breast pad. My nipple started dripping and he looked at me and licked the milk off my nipple. I put my head back and moaned, then he latched on and drained both breasts. It was so erotic it had my clit throbbing. He's done this twice more while the little ones have napped. Is this cheating or helping out? I feel bad and shame but I dunno....

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  • So it's been a few months - any new updates? Hopefully you two have continued to have your fun together! And has it enhanced your sex life with hubby?

  • Hi all, little update. It's still going on, sometimes every day. I'm starting to fall for him :/

  • Uh-oh....

  • Fantastic

  • Well done for letting him blow in your cunt, don't stop now, daddy needs your milk and you need his. You need to let him breed you so he can see your round tummy swell it'll be more intense. Let him come deep into your belly hon

  • Lucky man

  • Ok.. so I shagged him, It naturally just happened. 🙊

  • Your so naughty ;)

  • So how does he compare to his son?! We're all dying to know!!!! And congratulations, by the way! And yes, please provide details! How did it happen, who initiated, will you two continue all that stuff!

  • He texted me and asked me to let him know when the kids were down for a nap, so I showered and put my leggings and vest on, texted him and waited, my breasts were really full and heavy. I was horny just waiting for him . He cane in, sat in between my legs on the floor, i was on the sofa. This time he unclipped my nursing bra both sides , took out the breast pads and put them in his back pocket, then he pulled my top back up and began squeezing and groping my breasts, pretty soon milk was appearing through my top. Then he took my top off, and began licking my nipples in turn really fast , it made me moan then he said can I try milking your cunt. I was wet and I said yes. I pulled my leggings and knickers down and he ignored my vagina and drained both breasts all the while I was wriggling and soaking. Then he ate me out for ages, flicking my clit with his tongue which made me cum. then pulled his cock out and pushed it straight into me. I came in less than a minute and he came seconds after! It was quick but very much needed, I was a shaking mess afterwards. I don't even feel bad! It was the most intense sexual experience I ever had

  • Congratulations!!!! How was it afterwards (like, was it awkward at all)? I'm sure he's wanted to do that to you for a very long time - any plans to keep doing it? :)

  • Definitely going to keep doing it! Hes way more horny for me than hubby.

  • And no, no awkwardness oddly.... I expected it to be, but it was just really hot and intense. Like we were a fit.

  • Oh wow! You let him blow in your pussy? Mmmm

  • Yes, it was quite a fair bit too!

  • Details?!

  • Omg yessss!

  • Girl, what do you think? Can you honestly tell your man, "Your dad sucked on my titties" and not feel deceitful?

  • I fantasize about this all the time and wish I could go back in time when I was breastfeeding. My tits were amazing and I was completely ignored by my husband. I would’ve loved to have another man help me but he would’ve had to finger fuck me too.

  • You know you can self induce lactation?

  • What a shame that more men don't do this to their wives - it's such an amazing and erotic experience! :)

  • Wow, this is hot! I am in the crowd of guys who say you should let your FIL touch you while he's nursing. Imagine the feeling of having both of your breasts drained while he's fingering you the whole time, then he moves down to drain you from down below too MMM

  • I had a neighbor who had me suckle her tits while her hub watched and masturbated. She got off while I breast fed.
    Great fun

  • Was it very arousing? Did he draw the nipple and areola deep into his mouth? Was your clit begging to be licked? I think if daddy got between your legs and rubbed his nose along your clit you would have allowed it.

  • I would say definitely cheating, because of what it did to your clit! But that being said, I think it's hot as heck (and I'm a guy saying this). I think you're both getting just what you each need, and you should enjoy it while it lasts! And don't get too caught up on how much it turns you on, no one says you and he have to start having sex! Just take it for what it's worth and allow it to enhance the sex life you have with hubby! You're right, it's super erotic and I'm sure you're going to be reminiscing about these times for a very long time to come!

  • Thank you! It's definitely enhanced our sex life, I jump on my husband the minute he gets home!x

  • I can't tell you how much this turns me on - I wish my wife would've done this back when we were still having kids! I worked long hours back then, and she was always in agony when she was full and the kiddo was sleeping. I have no shortage of friends who would've gladly helped out.

    I agree, enjoy this while it's still happening, and just close your eyes when hubby and you are making love and imagine that it's your FIL taking things to the next level one of these days ;)

    Has it continued to happen beyond the three times? How does he initiate it? Do you ask him to do it, or do you just kind of give him 'the look' and he just knows? Whew, so hot!!!

  • He came Tuesday and did it again, I was sat on the sofa, he was on his knees between my legs, but this time he was holding my waist while doing it, then rubbing my thighs. Definite boner thrusting going on the base of sofa! Now I'm shitting it!

  • Woo hoo! We're all pulling for this to go further, you do realize that right???

    As he's rubbing your thighs, what is going on with your clit? Are you grinding it against his chest? You seriously need to get off while he's breastfeeding, that would absolutely be the best feeling! How close are you to orgasming now?

    Please keep updating us, we've all become some pretty big fans of yours! :)

  • I'm do tempted to put my hand down my knickers and rub my clit cos it's on fire! At least that's not me initiating it, but also pets him know I'm horny. He's coming around Saturday afternoon. Will let you all know! X

  • Omg yes, tell us how it goes! With him rubbing your thighs and everything, he's already letting you know he wants to taste you and please you every possible way. Whew, I hope that soon you'll find out who's the better lover, him or his son! Good luck!!!!!!

  • You should totally do this. He wants You, open your cunt for him

  • Keep doing it. X

  • I bet that felt amazing, it's so euphoric when the let down happens especially when engorged.

  • Tell me about engorged feeling breasts?

  • Could you tell if he was aroused?

  • I didn't look! I couldn't!

  • You should look next time...

  • I think it's not cheating but it's still a secret. It's a hard one love

  • Cheatingithink..

  • Not cheating

  • Hubby should be more supportive!!! Breast feeding can be enjoyable but when engorged u do anythim to get tha flow going!!! Keep at it

  • He's just helping relive pressure for you I don't think there anything sinister in it

  • It’s not cheating

  • Thank you. But then why do I feel so guilty?

  • Dont. Enjoy it ;)

  • Thats hot!

  • Yeah it’s definitely cheating but it is helpful. And not true.

  • Oh it true alright. My husband would be repulsed he can't stand breast feeding. But if it's not cheating, why am I keeping it a secret from my husband? If it is cheating then how? It's no different to feeding a child. I feel like I need to say something but my husband would paste shit into his dad.

  • Have you masturbated thinking about it?

  • No, but I've thought about it 24/7

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