Watching wife

I secretly watch my wife fuck other men.
Image has had 6 so far. I set up hidden cameras in spar bedroom her first was her friend from work she said he flirts with her all the time. So set up a day where she had him give her a ride home
Because her car was broke down. She invited him in flirting turned in to hot make out session in living room. And she ended up fucking him on couch
It was so hot seeing his little cock pumping in and out of her. She was so horny after he left she jumped me as soon as I came home
She fucked him several times he only had a 4 in her or somewhere about
Wife joked about how she acted like when he was hammering her but she did admit it felt good against her clit. The next couple were old friends of hers she started talking to on Facebook.
The 4th was the neighbor I told her how he checked her out he was 62 my wife is 36 she took about a week of being out in yard when he was talking with him his wife was usually close by till she a doctor appointment my wife was able to get him first time he only came to garage I didn’t have camera in there she said he was too nervous to go in house she tried second he was in living room
He was hung wife said it hurt the first time.
He sat on couch and she straddling him which is my favorite position to watch she lowered herself on him and started rocking her hips she was moaning every thrust she started shaking I could see her arms trembling and I knew from experience she started into a orgasm and her entire body tightened up like she has with me in past and after a long couple minutes of her cute moaning she started rocking her hips again
Only to let out a load moan and started slamming herself on him.
Needless to say I got a blowjob that night she was sore

11 days ago

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