Wife pays off bet

My lovely wife and I were on vacation and were having a great time. She (Kacey) wanted to go to a museum that had little interest to me but I went along with a good attitude to insure that she was having a good time. After the museum she told me she would do one dare that night. The dare would be of my choosing. I told her "show a complete stranger your ass!" She gets quiet and I'm afraid I have ruined our vacation.
We return to our motel room and she goes into the bathroom with her suitcase. She comes out and she is wearing a tank top with no bra and a pair of shorts. She tells me to get in the car and drive tells me to drive south. We are shortly in the country and she directs me to a convenience store that is way off th highway.
We go in and she asks me to buy a twelve pack of Pacifico. The clerk is a middle aged man that looks about 50 years old. She asks the clerk if she can
use the restroom. He says yes. I walk up to the counter, pay for the beer and start talking football with the man. We are the only people in the store and come to find out he is the owner.
After about three minutes my wife walks out wearing her flip flops and nothing else. She takes her time and actually looks at some items in the store. She finally looks at the clerk and says "sorry, I owed my husband a dare!" She turns to walk out but just stops right in front of us and stands still for about 10 seconds. Then she leaves the store and gets in our car. I am right behind her. I pull out of the parking lot and ask her why she paused in the store for so long? She tells me " I knew you wanted me to show off my ass, so I gave you guys some extra time.
Kacie is starting to get her clothes back out of her purse but does not put them on. She has flashed her tits to a couple of truckers but nothing else. She lowers the seat and is lying face down. She commented " be a shame if we past a trucker on the way back to the motel." I get on the highway and speed up to find a truck. We finally catch one and I am able to stay by him for many miles, traffic was light.
Finally she asks "would you like me to share the other side?" She turns over and starts playing with her tits and plays with her pussy. I reach down and feel between her legs. She is beyond wet. As soon as I move my hand she takes over and starts masterbating.
I love to touch her and get her off, however seeing her do it with an audience was amazing. She cums and just lies back and relaxes. I drive way past our hotel exit and pass many trucks. By now it is dark but I turn on the dome light every time we are next to a trucker. Kacey asks me how many truckers had seen her naked? My guess was over 20. She finally requests that we head back to the hotel.
I take the next exit and turn around. I am pleased she has made no effort to get dressed. We continue on the highway and probably pass an additional 12 truckers. We were courteous enough to allow all drivers the opportunity to see her nude. She even flipped several times showing off her ass which always excites me.

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    • My wife said several of her previous lovers asked her to strip and flash truckers on long hiway drives.
      "Yes, several times."
      "Anything else?"
      "Once I took off my shorts and panties - lay with my head in the driver's lap - put my spread feet up on the passenger door - so they could get a good look at my vagina!"
      "What'd they do?"
      "One guy looked down, smiled and made licking mostions with his tongue!"
      "And yeah, you probably guessed - we always had to pull over somewhere because the boyfriend need to F U C K me , badly."

    • My wife like yours had many previous lovers. When we started dating, my wife was still dating her fiance. We both were fucking her for nearly two months before my wife broke up with him. I knew about him but he didn't know about me. After my wife broke up with him I thought that he wanted to fight me but he only wanted to tell me that she was a good lay. I told him that I knew that and that was one of the reasons I wanted her. I think he thought that I would break up with her when I found out that he had fucked her. I was attracted to her but when I found out that she liked to fuck I knew that I wanted her. She had many more lovers that I did but I decided that those lovers made her into a woman that loved fucking and I loved that about her.

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