I gave into stupid impulse

I'd often wondered what it would be like to have sex with another guy. Recently, my wife was away for a few days on business. I checked the internet to see if there were any local sites for gay sex. A few miles away, someone was organising a meeting at his place. That night I put on some of my wife's clothes and went to this house. I was literally shaking as I was invited in. I could hardly believe what I was doing as I opened my raincoat, revealed myself in bra, panties, suspender belt and stockings. I was taken to a bedroom, my hands were handcuffed behind my back and a set of ankle cuffs with a bar connecting them were attached, presumably to prevent me closing my legs. And, as the night progressed, I was visited again and again and again. I eventually lost count of the number of men who coupled with me, anally and orally. After the first two, I really didn't want to do any more, but I was secured hand and foot. I learned quickly that begging them to stop just turned them on even further, so I just endured the sex in silence. In the middle of the night, the party wound down and I went home, exhausted and covered with their fluids. None of them used condoms, and I've not got some symptoms that the internet tells me are likely to be some kind of STD. I'm terrified my wife finds out, and I can't face going to the family doctor, so I'm now looking for some walk-in clinic that can treat me. I'm terrified I might have contracted something serious. I deeply regret doing this stupid thing, but it's too late now.

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  • If you just hadn't put on the wife's clothes, you probably would've just stayed home and jerked off to gay porn. But, noooooo, you had to clad up in the soft clothing, and now look at you ! You have multi-colored fluids dripping out of your penis and asshole, and you may not live another year ! The wages of nylon and silk is death !

  • Just go to the doctor and be more careful the next time.
    I am married but love to be taken by men and fucked silly.

  • You lived out one of my biggest fantasies. Too bad about the stds. :(

  • Ha ha. Hope you die from Aids, you sick fuck. Gay sex is an abomination, and you deserve whatever diseases you caught. If you have any sense of decency, you will tell your wife what you did, and not infect her with your vile diseases.

  • Get it treated, and quick, fool, or you are just making it worse.

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