Black haired blonde bush girlfriend surprise

A number of years ago I was dating a woman from Ohio she had jet black hair on her head and a strawberry blonde bush. We dated for a while and then broke up but she would periodically drop by for a booty call. We both were seeing other people. While this woman was 9 years older I was also seeing a 20 year old. So being as the relationships were casual they were aware of each other. They were both curious about the other and I would tell them about the other one which made both of them hornet. The older one had told me that when she was married her and her husband had swapped a few times as he got turned on when another guy would see his wife naked. Then one day she stopped by and informs me that a guy was stopping by in about 20 minutes and she was going to sleep with him and I could either leave for a bit but she preferred that I slipped into the closet and watch. I wasn't really surprised as she had told me how much it turned her on when her and her husband had swapped. We started making out as we had a 20 minute window and I carried her to the bedroom and we got it on and both came twice in about 15 minutes before she gets up and gets cleaned up for her date. A few minutes later she comes out of the bathroom all cleaned up and dressed in short shorts and a button up shirt tied up at the bottom. We are looking at each other and we hear a knock on the door. I slipped into the closet. It didn't take long and I could hear them kissing in the hall as they made their way to the bedroom. It was then I realized her date was a married best friend of mine. As he was kissing all over her body and undressing her she would look my way with her devious grin. He had her shirt off and was taking her shorts off she was in just her panties and she stopped him and made him promise not to tell anyone else about what he was about to see. He agreed as he pulled down her panties and took in the view. It wasn't long and he was nailing her hard and fast. They both came in about 5 minutes. They do some pillow talk and he confesses that although he has been with over a hundred girls this is his first blonde bush and black hair. She asks him how she is compared to the 20 year old girl I was also seeing and he tells her she is way better. They end up getting it on 2 more times. He tells her his wife knows that he sleeps with other girls as she knows that she has a pretty face but not a sexy body and just asks him not to tell her about it. After he left we got it on all weekend and I realized that it was her that liked swapping and showing off her little secret.

16 days ago

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