Dirty talking partner

My partner talks absolute filth, she has no boundaries the more taboo she knows just makes me harder she tells me how she like to see me fuck her 2 teen daughters. All fantasy and I would never act on it but I’m constantly hard and have deviant thoughts constantly in my head. Anyone else experienced this?

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  • "He would have me say one of my step-daughters names as we would have sex. He has even brought a pair of the oldest ones panties to bed with us and masturbate me with them and have me sniff and taste them." Are you a top or bottom? I bet a bottom bitch. Do you suck it's dick after its been in your ass? Inquiring minds wanna know.

  • I don’t understand your intent here. If you don’t like the post, fine. But you trying to be the thought police is a bit stupid. If someone reads the post and enjoys it, even masturbates to it, so what. They aren’t going to read the comments and then decide not to. You suck as a human and as a troll you fucking idiot. That’s all I have to say on the matter.

  • 👍🏻👍🏻😁

  • Ok Forest Gump

  • Never say no more!

  • Have a nice day.

  • You won't tell us if you suck his shit covered dick clean. We all want to know.

  • Dude, that’s fucking hot!

  • "My ladyboy talks absolute filth, he has no boundaries" Just helping you with your story.

  • "Just makes me harder he tells me how he like to see me fuck her 2 teen daughters." Thats better.

  • " I’m constantly hard and have deviant thoughts constantly in my head." Let your ladyboy help you out.

  • Your partner? Is it a real female or a he-she? Remember there are no chicks with dicks. Just men with tits! But as long as you are happy with him enjoy.

  • Don’t you go off talking bout my Laquisha that way! She more woman than you will ever know! Just cuz you be all jelly ain’t no call for you being rudeazz! Sure, she had some works done, but all self respecting lady men’s do. Now you apologize sparky! And stops making me cums so much with your nasty azz posts you sick fuck.

  • Worst impression of an African American. Leave race out of this.

  • What you talkin about, nigger?

  • She a dude with tits.

  • It's so nice to see all the posts enjoy you confession.

  • YOUR confession typo sorry hope you didn't miss a stroke.

  • Not hot at all.

  • Good Michael go to bed with your boys.

  • How is your confession going? Got a lot of replies, I hope you can jerk off to them all.

  • Sick sick fuck

  • You call it your partner. Is it miss piggy 500 plus pounds stuck in her trailer. Because she can't fit out the door. Eat herself right in. Now since you are the only thing as close to a man she can get, she freaking out that you might leave her and she wants to entice you with her 300 plus pound daughters to fuck. Tell her don't worry piggy, since you can't get anything better you have no choice but to stick with her. And I mean stick as when you try to get off her you get stuck in all the folds and skank she is. You got it easy since your shitty little tow behind trailer is next door to hers. When your parents left you behind in your shitty trailer they said they would be back. But that was ten years ago and they are not coming back. Boohoo

  • My mom is always swearing when we fuck that really turns me on. She gets really loud when she is cumming.

  • 500 pounds makes loud noises just rolling in bed to reach her feeding trough and swears a lot when it can't reach it.

  • When you rape your mother she will swear at you all the time.

  • Dream on sick fuck loser.

  • Fake incest propaganda.

  • Fuck you. You would hope on that in a heartbeat sick pedo. Everyone is gonna ask "how old" Just shut the fuck up. You are worse than maggots. See some ass whole said go fuck her daughters. Thats what you want to hear right sick fuck. The daughters will see you as the sick fuck you are and will run from you. So what you gonna do rape them. Thank god this is fake.

  • My wife does the same thing. It started with my step-daughters friends, her making sexual comments about them while we are having sex. Then one night the girls were having a sleep over she said she would like to watch me fuck all girls. I looked at her and she just had this evil grin on her face and said again, all of them.

    I’m not going to lie, her being so dirty is a major turn on, so I told her to say their names. She was on top riding me and she started saying their names along with a few nasty comments. I really didn’t think she would include her girls but, fuck, she fucked me hard as she said she wanted to watch me fuck her girls.

    After that it was a common thing. She would have me say one of my step-daughters names as we would have sex. She has even brought a pair of the oldest ones panties to bed with us and masturbate me with them and have me sniff and taste them.

    We have discussed it, and it’s pure fantasy. She says she likes how excited it makes me and that it makes her feel like a teenager in a way. That she images having sex with me as if she was a teenager. Now she wants to wear the oldest daughters clothes (they are around the same size) and have sex in her bed while I call her by her daughters name.

    And no, I’m not a pedo and have no desire to have sex with my step-daughters. But the wife being that dirty in bed is a major turn on.

  • They let you marry a ladyboy?

  • Who wore the wedding dress?

  • Pedo's lick children panties sick fuck. Pedo's also want to be called their children s name while fucking. jerk off

  • OMG I just saw what you wrote. I don't read every part of you bull shit story. But My eye just caught this.
    "She has even brought a pair of the oldest ones panties to bed with us and masturbate me with them and have me sniff and taste them."

    Are you that stupid! Look up masturbation ass hole.
    Masturbation is self pleasure. If you incest loving wife is giving you little girls panties and jerking you off while you sniff and taste them {gross}, then she is giving you a hand job not masturbate you, dumb ass. And if you are using the daughters panties as a sex aid thats beyond fantasy. Since you say that is a major turn on that makes you a sick pedo. God you are so stupid and pathetic.

  • The way you explain it, so fucking hot! Mmmmmm.....cum taste what daddy has for you!!!!!

  • You would be the expert on self pleasure.

  • When to school and learned. Not stuck in a trailer like you. Yup I masturbate sometimes. It is fun stupid. Fact 90% of men admit too masturbating, 10% are pathological liars.

  • Went to school sorry for the typo please go on you jerking session and finish reading all the hot replies here.

  • Where did you go to school? Liberty College? Are you the one Becki Falwell molested at the sleepover? Say he was a teammate of her sons and she came in the room where he was, jumped in bed with him and gave him a heavenly blow job. Was that you Sparky?

  • How do you like you confession it got a lot of posts. Enjoy jerking off to them and say hi to Mr piggy for me don't want your ladyboy feeling left out.

  • When to school?

  • Oh sorry hope that didn't make you cum early

  • So you like licking panties hope you like shitty one too.


  • It seems that all the pathological liars are here.

  • LOL true

  • If they are underage then you and you sick wife are pedo's. That is so sick it has to be fake. If you think about children while having sex you are a pedophilic.

  • That’s the most ignorant thing I’ve heard. The attraction is a wife willing to be uninhibited. You know, like Jerry Falwell, JR, watching. People can have fantasies and not be perverts or pedophiles, you ignorant fuck.

  • You are like Michael Jackson when he touched boys "Thats ignorant" Where you one of Michael's special children.

  • If you fantasize about having sex with children then you are a pedophilic. Because if giving the chance to act on that, you would. The thought of having sex with a child sickens me period.
    Definition of pedophilia
    Pedophilia is termed pedophilic disorder in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5), and the manual defines it as a paraphilia involving intense and recurrent sexual urges towards and fantasies about prepubescent children that have either been acted upon or not. Look it up ass hole

  • Mmmmm talk dirty to me more. I love how you call it pedophilic. So hot! You have me so horny right now! Slowly stroking my hard cock waiting for your next post. Make me cum baby!

  • Like it?

  • So you are Into men too. Question who wears the panties in your bed?

  • I’ll wear my daughter panties in bed for you, and you can spank me and tell me what a sick boy I am. Mmmmm I’m so close.....here it cummmmmssssd......mmmmmmmm

  • Ewwww thats gross. Ladyboy lover.

  • Lol

  • Well dipshit, since when have older teens been considered prepubescent? I think what you are looking for is Ephebophilia, a preference to adolescent teens, 15-19. In many countries, the age of consent is 16 and a handful even younger so Ephebophilia in many cases is not illegal, look it up asshole.

    Of course you being a judgmental piece of shit you miss the most important issue, whether peodophilia or Ephebophilia, both require not just intense and recurrent urges, but an actual preference over age appropriate sexual encounters. Likewise, both myself and the OP clearly state we did not instigate the fantasy or behavior, our wives did. Likewise, we both stated the turn on was not from Imagining sex with a teen but from having sex with an uninhibited, age appropriate, spouse.

    So asshole, I’m sorry your father anally raped you as a prepubescent child, but your hang ups aren’t mine. Perhaps you should seek professional help rather than trying to come to terms with the sexual abuse you encountered as a child instead of trying to understand your issues by merely reading a Wikipedia reference to the DSM-5. Best of luck and go fuck yourself.

  • You are the sick fucks who what incest. Not me you are breaking the law not me. If you are fantasying about your mates children thats makes you fucked up. Not I Ass Hole. If you think it is so normal then go tell your friends and family all about your sick interest. And see what they say. You wouldn't be posting this crap if it was normal and acceptable behavior. So you go fuck yourself dip shit.

  • That you sparky? I must have hit a true note with that daddy issue of yours. Again, where did I say I wanted incest? You are the asshole. What I have said, same as the OP it’s fun having a spouse without inhibition. But your judgmental ass can’t get passed that simple fact. If I told my friends and family my spouse is incredibly dirty and edgy in bed they would probably be jealous.

    No one here is talking about incest or pedophilia. Get the fuck over yourself. I didn’t know anyone could be so fuckall ignorant as you. But hey, I learn something new every day. Seek help you Jerry Falwell, JR wannabe. No one likes a judgmental fuck like you. God bless and go fuck yourself.

  • Good talking with you Michael Remember don't be ignorant when you fuck him.

  • Michael Jackson?!? WTF. Ok Boomer.

  • My parents are boomers just so you know.

  • Fuck you! You would not be here posting this crap. Are you forgetting that your partner is thinking about her daughters in a sexual way. Thats incest ass hole. Tell your friends and family that you partner is thinking of having you fuck her daughters, and see what they say. You don't have God on your side so leave him out you sick fuck.

  • You just like to make shit up don’t you? My wife isn’t thinking of having sex with her daughters. She is thinking about me having sex with her when she was the age of her daughter. She uses her daughters as a substitute for herself. I don’t want to fuck her daughters, I get off on her being so fucking nasty in bed. I already explained this to you, just how damn dumb are you?

    And are you talking about the God that raped a 15 year old virgin to give birth to his illegitimate child? That God? I don’t like child rapist, but I’m beginning to think you do. Thou dost protest too much.

    I hear it’s common that people like you, who were anally raped by their fathers, go on to become child rapist themselves. I hope you seek professional help before you act out on your urges, giving you the benefit of the doubt that you haven’t as of yet. I’m sure there’s a number you can call, try 800-pedophile, you demented fuck!

  • Your wife is a sick fuck to even think about having her husband fuck her daughters stupid.

  • I'm sorry ladyboy don't mean to offend you or your man.

  • You wouldn't have posted in the family section if incest wasn't on your sick fucking mind. Since you know so much about being assed raped by daddy. You must be a pro at it. Go put a pair of panties on and go wait for daddy to fuck you. You sick fucks are incest loving pedophile lovers not me jack ass.

  • Hahahaha your wife is miss piggy you sick fuck. You'r getting mad BOOHOO sick fuck. Thats just what I want. You can't jerk off to the sick replies you wanted to see. Can you. Now go roll over miss piggy and find another fold to fuck. Incest lover. 🤢🤮

  • You really a ladyboy incest lover?

  • Now now sparky, calm down. You seem to be the one that’s mad. It’s ok, I understand how the abuse you encountered as a child has you confused. And I want you to know, I don’t care that you are a homosexual pederast, I, unlike you, don’t judge. Don’t get me wrong, if you act on your urges you should rot in jail, but I know you can’t help what you are. In fact, I’m curious about you. When did you first realize you are a homosexual pederast? Was it prior to your father anally raping you?

  • Don't be ignorant ladyboy lover.

  • My father never touched me ASS Wipe. I just left a reply above where miss piggy gave you her daughters panties! And since you admitted you sniff and taste them makes you a sick pedo. You are so lame you can't keep the truth right. So you like sniffing and licking little girls panties? Next you will lie and tell me they are of age aren't you sick fuck. YOU ARE A SICK INCEST LOVING PEDOPHILIC.

  • Oh and if miss piggy wants you to call her by her little daughters names. Thats just plain sick and fucked up pedo.

  • I like it when you talk dirty. It makes me touch myself in that special way. Tell me more sparky. Mmmmmmmm

  • You a sick scum bag. You are maggot food. Cut your balls off. Get off on that. Thats better than you harming children sicko. Enjoy.

  • Oh fuck yes baby! Talk dirty to me more!!! By the way, do you know how long it takes to cook a baby in the microwave? Every time I try it I loose count because I’m too busy jacking off.

  • It’s ok sparky, bony get all upset and mad. No one likes a snowflake. But seriously, when did you know in your heart of hearts you were a homosexual pederast? This could be important for science.

  • You are trying always to provoke me and It ain't going to work. I see the loser that you are. And one day someone will find you and rip you to pieces. Until then I will wreck your posts. Can't jerk off to this post and replies sicko.

  • Mmmm that one gave me such a hard on! I nutted gallons all over my little girl’s face. Tell me more! Tell me more!

  • What do you think? Is it a good confession with great replies?

  • Don't forget to lick her skid marks

  • I'm sorry his skid marks

  • Good as long as you post i will always post too. Have a nice jerk to this

  • Ass

  • Hole

  • Have a nice day shit head.

  • Good night pecker breath.

  • Speaking of pecker breath, I’ve been meaning to tell you, having your dad’s KY Jelly slathered cock in your mouth is no substitute for brushing your teeth. I mean just because he filled one of your cavities with it moments before doesn’t make it good oral hygiene practice. Just saying.

  • Thanks ladyboy lover never thought that way. You know so much more about what your daddy does then me. Sounds like you where really close. Is that why you got a ladyboy? Please explain some more since you know so much. Boy this is a nice confession with nice replies. Learn something new everyday.

  • Perhaps your wife wants you to act on it?

  • Then, go fuck her daughters

  • Go fuck yourself pedo.

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