New neighbours

Donna and I have lived in our house for the past 23 years,we're married both in our mid forties,next door went up for sale last year and a few months back a young couple bought it,Richie and Jane,fairplay they've done wonders to the house and even built a bar out the back,we've been getting on great with them,we've invited them to us and vice versa,Jane is fucking stunning,big tits and great legs,we were over theirs out their bar drinking cocktails and whatever,me and Richie stood at the bar talking man stuff and Donna and Jane were sat down giggling about something,we quietened our chat to hear what they were on about,Jane was quizzing Donna about what sex is like in our 40's!! Now Donna looks very unassuming and innocent,Jane looked surprised by something Donna had said!! You two still do anal Jane commented,there's lots me and John have tried over the years that would shock you! I nudged Richie,like what Jane said! Just cause we're in our 40's Donna winked and laughed we've had threesomes the lot haven't we babe Donna calls to me !! You better believe it I replied,Richies eyes lit up,what you two !! Well I never!! Donna loves it in her ass mate,he nearly choked on his drink!! Fucking hell is that right Donna Richie asked? What's that? She said,you like it up your bum!! Donna looked at me with daggers!! John behave yourself!! Its alright so does Jane Richie said giggling!! Have a look at this,Richie showed me a video on his phone of a big cock fucking an arsehole then you could see it was Jane!! You two have any videos Richie asked? Donna and I glanced at each other with a wicked look! Only if you don't show anyone else my wife says!! We had a few videos,fucking hell Donna the only hairy pussy I've seen is on porn films Richie said!! Donna blushed,you've seen it on video I'm sure she'll show you if you ask mate!! Don't you think you'd better ask Jane first?? John! Would you like to see her pussy to mate? And her massive tits mate I said! Both women got up and started dancing sexily,Donna wasted little time in getting her kit off,she put her high heels back on and turned around,bent over and pulled her knickers down showing her lovely hairy asshole off to me and Richie,Donna helped Jane with her top,wow! What a pair of tits,Richies cock is huge Donna,Jane whispered to her! Mmmm is it really,tell him to get it out,don't mind do you pal he says to me! Out it came! Oh my Jane you weren't lying! Even from a blokes point,I was impressed,Donna stroked his cock and took him in her mouth! Your wife can sure suck a cock mate he said!! I can't wait to fuck her!! Jane walked over to me,I played with her massive tits and felt her hand rubbing my cock,Richie was already fucking Donna,he was trying to open her ass up,your wife's ass looks very inviting John! Feel free pal! Jane was sucking my cock as I watched her husband ram himself in my wifes ass,I couldn't hold on any longer and shot a load in Jane's mouth,I knew that Donna had been given a good fucking by the look on her face!Richie fired off in her ass and my wife collapsed to the floor!! We all can't wait for our next get-together

17 days ago

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