Daughter finds out about her father

New years eve party a few days ago,me and the wife were invited to our friends house just around the corner from us,it's ridiculously big but great for hosting parties,we hadn't planned to go out then I had a phonecall off our friends 19 year old son josh,are you coming over he said,yes OK give us 30 minutes,now why would he ring us and not his parents?? I knew the answer alright! My 18 year old daughter lizzy,I didn't say anything,anyway lizzy was out with a couple of friends,her mum called her to say we were at joshs parents house and to come up if she got home early,now I don't mind the odd bit of Colombian snow and used to sell a little bit in my crazy younger days,well I had a couple of grams on me,the wife knows nothing about it,apart from our friends,there were a few youngsters there to,they had a pool table in one of the rooms and I was teaching the kids a lesson!! Next thing one of them offers me a line!! Its OK I said I've got my own! One of the lads new I had a bit of a reputation years back and was trying to tell the other lads! I ended up selling them a few grams! Then lizzy my daughter turns up,I go back in with the grown ups and enjoy the rest of the party,we saw new year in and myself and the wife headed home around 1:30 in the morning,I called to lizzy to say we're going are you coming? No I'm staying for a bit! I'm thinking to myself about josh making a move on her the fucker! Having got home I couldn't sleep after the couple of lines I'd sniffed so I told the Mrs to go to bed and ill wait up for lizzy! I opened a few more drinks and had a few more lines!! 4 am she walks in,well hi dad arnt you quite the man? What do you mean by that I said? The guys have told me all about you and you sold them some coke!! Little bastards I thought,got any left they give me a bit up there she said! Yeah I bet they did! They were trying to get in your knickers girl I explained! And what if they did I'm 18 now! Whatever I said,here don't tell your mother about this! Now there's this gorgeous 18 year old girl sniffing coke with me,I know she's my daughter but cocaine does funny things to you,so did they get into your knickers lizzy I asked her?? Huh where do you think I've been dad? I don't know tell me,she puts her hand inside her coat pocket and pulls out her underwear!! Which one was it I asked? Oh it wasn't one it was two of them josh and Cory,josh pushed me over the pool table like this as she acted the situation out in front of me and Cory had his dick in my mouth,I was staring at my daughters ass bent over in front of me in my kitchen,lizzy sticks her fingers in her mouth then puts them in her pussy,mmm this is what josh's dick felt like dad!! I couldn't hide the bulge in my pants! Lizzy noticed it,josh has a big cock do you think yours is bigger? Take it out and I'll say so!! Fuck!! I unleashed the beast and wanked off to my daughter! Mmm id say you're bigger than josh dad! Did I tell you that they both came in my mouth!! That was to much for me I bolted all over the kitchen floor,I hope you're going to clean that mess up dad! As she got up and walked past me,goodnight dad,see you in the morning . I haven't been right since

16 days ago

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    • The Anti-Incest Warrior approves this story and wants more like it.

    • He repeated him self.I told him to shower and shave so his body was hairless and when he got out I had the perfect slutty outfit for the b**** to wear at the mall.It took less than an hour to get him dressed ip and then do hair and makeup and off to the mall we went. I lost track of the time bus was pleased to see that it was barely six o clock ,and was nice and sunny out so lots of people were out side to see us walking like two girls to the mall.The closer we got the more nervous he became so I started telling him that we were going to have so much fun and there wouldnt hardly be anyone there especially our friends from school,and what ever else I could think of to get his courage up . He really thought I wanted to get back together and he wanted it so bad he didnt think about being surrounded by all

    • Like your repetitious nonsense?

    • Some more bullshit fake story ...what's wrong with u people or should I say LADS lmao do u guys not have a life other then post fake confessions up probably don't even get pussy ....so lame get a life

    • Run away smudgey. Your mom accidentally left her computer on with this website up,
      She didn't know you would come out of the basement after another anime masturbation sesssion.

    • I'm loving this story!

    • Wow that hoot

    • More bull shit from the toothless Britt!

    • Dad and daughter

      A 44-year-old Lodi man has been charged with first-degree sexual assault of a child under 13 and incest in Columbia County.

      He faces up to 60 years in prison for the felony assault and up to 40 years in prison for felony incest with a child.
      To protect victim identities, the Daily Register does not publish the names of individuals charged with incest crimes.
      The defendant is in custody on a $25,000 cash bond and has a preliminary hearing July 10 in Columbia County Circuit Court.
      According to the criminal complaint, a Columbia County Sheriff’s detective on June 19 observed a forensic interview of the victim who reported to a social worker she would be in the second grade next year and lives with her mom, dad and two brothers. The victim reported that her dad, three weeks prior to the interview, had pulled down his pants and underwear and touched her vagina. Her dad had turned on a movie for her brothers and her mom was not home. He carried the victim to an upstairs bedroom and told the victim not to tell anyone. The victim said this was not the first time this had happened and that her dad had told her in the past not to tell anyone.
      The complaint states the victim told one of her brothers and mom about the incident. The detective observed a forensic interview with a brother who reported “something bad happened between (his) dad and (his) sister.” The witness said whenever his mom is gone, his dad and sister would be upstairs and that two days prior to the interview, the victim had approached him with a “deep dark secret.” The witness recorded on his phone what the victim told him to prove it was not a joke.The detective listened to the recording on the witness’s phone and heard the voice of the victim saying that her dad has intercourse with her.

    • Never happened.

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