Cutest girl

I saw the cutest girl right after I arrived at college. She was 5' 5" tall and blond. She was wearing a short skirt and when she sat down her skirt barely covered her butt. But I was not the only guy that noticed her and being shy I wasn't the first to ask her out. She dated this guy who lived in the same dorm as me and I learned that he had taken her virginity and was fucking her 3 or 4 times a week. They broke up right before the end of freshman year and I asked her out. We dated for about a month but she wouldn't have sex with me. Knowing that she had sex with her first college boyfriend but wouldn't with me was very painful.
Over the summer I didn't go see her since she lived about 200 miles away and I didn't think that my old car would make it there and back. Another guy did go see her during the summer and when school started again she and this guy were dating. She dated him for over two and a half years and we were friends the entire time. She would complain that he only fucked her twice a week and I even told her that I would fuck her more. We finally got together the spring of senior year and we fucked immediately after dating again. When we got together this second time I was still a virgin and she had been fucking the two guys for almost four years. We moved away to where I got a job and got an apartment together. Two years later we got married.
Before we got married she asked me if I minded that her two college boyfriends had fucked her before me. I told that I didn't mind and that I actually enjoyed that she was sexually experienced since I was not.
Now after more than 30 years of marriage, I think about her two boyfriends fucking her. I figure that her first boyfriend fucked her about 150 times and her second boyfriend fucked her over 250 times. So my wife had been fucked over 400 times in college before I lost my virginity between her legs. One other interesting thing is that all three of us were virgins when we first fucked her.
I told her that it still excites me to think about her boyfriends fucking her. I also told her that it would excite me even more if she would get another boyfriend and have sex with him. She is thinking about finding a young guy so that she can initiate another virgin in sex. I keep asking her if she has found one. I hope that she can find several. Are you a virgin? If so let me know if you want to learn about sex with an older woman.

3 months ago

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