Is it wrong i want to ask my sister if we can experiment and how?

So i have a twin sister and we are fairly close we have talked to each other about our sex lives she knows i love sex and she has told me i don’t get good sex but anyway i really wanna try experimenting with her i think it would be so good but is that bad? she also sleeps in my room on the floor almost every night i’m hoping she will move to my bed and i can rub myself up against her to see what happens

17 days ago

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    • Do it. There’s nothing better than having sex or getting a blowjob from your sister. It’s the best sex you’ll ever have.

    • Do it

    • My advice as well.

      Oh, and that faggot below that told me to slit my throat can lead by example.

    • Slit your throat Bo!

    • I told him he would meet so many guys walking home and he turned and ran home. Well he kept saying that he would do anything to get me back so I decided to see if he could really do anything. I started by saying how much I missed him and was thinking about getting back together .I talked about how much fun I had dressing him up like a girl and taking his sissy ass out for walks .When I asked him if he was ready to show me how serious he was about getting me back and he didnt even stop and think about it and said YES I will do anything you want ,,no matter what. I smiled and said ok,,I want to dress you up like a s*** ,makeup high heels and all and you have to walk to the mall with me . You have to go to the food court and sit at a table with me so we can talk about our future together. He got quiet and turned bright red and told me that he couldnt do that ,,it would be too humiliating so I told him get out then,,good bye b**** .He looked at me for a second then he quietly said that he would do that .I made him beg me to turn him into a girl so we could go to the mall together and look at boys . He said it so fast I couldnt believe my ears and without making him

    • Typical babble from the Anti-Incest Warrior.

    • This is HOT!!

      Bet I got hard and wanked 10 times while reading it.

      I approve of this story!

      I give it 5 cocks up!

    • Why is she sleeping on the floor???

    • An 11-year-old girl reported her 18-year-old brother sexually assaulted her multiple times from June 2013 to Aug. 12, 2019, an Ector County Sheriff’s Office affidavit detailed.
      Kolby Ray Adams was charged with continuous sexual abuse of a child, a first-degree felony.
      The 11-year-old’s mother contacted ECSO that her daughter was making the outcry of sexual abuse, the affidavit stated.
      The girl stated her older brother reportedly sexually assaulted her multiple times between June 2013 and Aug. 12, 2019. The girl was interviewed by Harmony Home where she stated the same information.
      After the interview with Harmony Home, further investigation was conducted and corroborating physical evidence was found, the affidavit stated.
      Adams was arrested, charged and transported to the Ector County Law Enforcement Center. He has one bond totaling $100,000 and was still in custody as of Monday afternoon, jail records show.

    • More unsubstantiated BS from the usual suspect.

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