Does anyone care?

I live with my sister. We are grown adults with good careers and many friends. But we have lots of sex. Really good, passionate and wild sex. I love it, she loves it, and we are getting braver and bolder with it. Is it wrong? Do you care? I'm just curious. She has an incredible pussy!

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  • Been having at my older sister for years, and we have no plans on stopping. We've taken weekends together, snuck out of gatherings to have sx (including a dance recital..we slipped into an empty room in the building), and continued through both of our marriages. We both enjoy it, know what each other likes, are clean, and indulge our individual kinks/fetishes.

    To be honest, a few of my friends know, including old college friend who told me he just assumed I was fkng her when we were in college. Also said I was the luckiest guy around, and if I ever wanted to share her, count him in. Another guy wasn't surprised, either, and told me he'd love to watch me plow her. Almost let him a few times.

  • Since I may be father of my sister's child, I approve.
    Be careful, now... and enjoy.

  • I'd say don't ever tell and have a good time. My buddy had sex with his sister for years. My buddy had a loose girlfriend he didn't know was having lots of sex with other guys. She gave my buddy a nasty STD and he gave it to his sister and that's when incest became known in our inner circle.Wasn't hard to figure out, we all thought they were just too close.

  • Mmmm... So nice to caress her naked body... So nice to shoot off inside her pussy... So nice to have a furry two-headed baby to look after and explain to your co-workers...

  • That is beautiful! Enjoy each other!

  • Have fun! And enjoy each other!!

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