Yesterday step daughter birthday encounters with me

Yesterday was my step daughters birthday and she had a really good time for her birthday until her skim bag boyfriend decided to up with another girl with him . Needless to say my step daughter has really upset with him and she started to cry that really pissed my off so bad that I grabbed him by his neck and gave him a choice he can leave on his own or I will help him leave. So he chose the hard way to leave but he was trying to play a big man a trying to punch me in my face. That was a big mistake for him. So I grabbed his arm and pulled it up behind his back almost to the back of his head. And just as I started to walk him off my property the police showed up out front . They told me that someone had called the police about a argument going on at this address. So I told the police how my step daughters boyfriend showed up here with another girl on his arm and I told him that he needed to leave that’s when he tried to punch me in my face that’s when I grabbed his arm up behind his back and walked him out of my backyard area that’s when you guys showed up here . To bad for him because he had a warrant out for his arrest so they cuffed him and taken him to jail and I called a cab for his girlfriend to go home without him . So me and my step daughter went into my backyard to join our friends . And her and I started to pound down shoots of rum like it was water just trying to get her relaxed from her boyfriends bull shit . So a little while later our friends started to leave us and go back home. Now that my step daughter and I finished up cleaning our backyard area and we where all alone . She gave me a big hug for looking out for her. I told her that it’s not a problem because I told your mom before she passed away 3 years ago how I would always look out for you no matter what. So before I knew it she started to kiss me on my lips and pulled me closer to her body. She started to cry again telling me how much she misses her mom and she also asked me how I would feel if she wanted to have sex with me . She told me that if I don’t want to how she would understand but your the only man that has ever stood up for me not even my own father never even stood up for me like I did . That’s when she started kissing me on my lips really hard and intense I tried to push her away but she wouldn’t let go of me . I don’t know if it was all of the drinks we had or that she’s that heartbroken. But I wasn’t able to hold back any longer I started to kiss her back. And the next thing I know that she 2 of us are in the pool naked and making out like 2 teenagers. And when she reaches down between my legs and grabs my dick and slowly lower herself down into my dick and the look on her face was just like her mothers look as I’m sliding inside of her a few minutes later I told her that I’m about to Cumm inside of you. She told me not to worry about it that’s she’s on birth control. That’s was just fine with me so I started to faster and harder into her until I started to Cumm inside her I pushed myself all way inside of her pussy balls deep and when I did that she wrapped her legs around me and wouldn’t let go of me. She felt so amazing. It’s been a few long years from the last time I had sex with anyone at all. I don’t know if it was she reminded me of her mom . They looked a lot alike with only 17 years in age her mom was only 36 years old when she passed away. Later that night we went into the house and had some food to eat . And after we had dinner she said to me let’s go take a shower together and have a second round of sex . So we did but this time she asked me if would be able to fuck her in her ass this time and when I’m about to Cumm to pull out and Cumm inside her mouth. The way she said it was like I had no choice at all . So said so done. And this has been going on for a few weeks now and I really hope that it keeps going on for a long time because I really miss her mom so bad .

16 days ago


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    • I approve of this stoy BIG TIME!

      The comment below this one that reads, "Comment below is to make up for the fact his dick doesn’t work anymore!" was written by an intellectually-challenged dolt.

    • Comment below is to make up for the fact his dick doesn’t work anymore!

    • Just so people will understand she is my step daughter not my blood.
      She was my wife’s daughter and my wife passed away some years back. So I protect her with my life .
      She’s my wife’s daughter she misses her mom so much and her father’s in jail for rape anD/v A/B .
      What happened my step daughter and me was just a moment from how I stood up for her and protect her. Yes we had sex that night. But it was Consensual sex. And it was between 2 adults not incest .

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