Big sister

Me and my big sister had arranged to go out for a drink as we don't see to much of each other anymore,im mid forties she's 13 years older than me,so there we were at this pub,my wife was picking us up,we had a good laugh and she says remember you were showing me that photo on your phone and I swiped the wrong way and saw a picture of a cock? That was you wasn't it bruv? I remembered what she was on about,yeah that was me ! I've never got that image from my brain she said,have you still got it?? I think so why? Because I want to see it again! I flicked through my photos and there it was! Was that it sis? Omg yes it is she said.... you'll have to show me in person! What I said,I'll meet you in the ladies,follow me in ! I left it 2 minutes and went to the ladies,end cubicle,I pushed the door open got in and my sister locked it up,get it out then,I was semi hard already,looks bigger in the picture! Wait a minute sis! Oh yeah she said,now I was rock hard,Jesus bruv what a cock,you're dying to touch it arnt you,how could you tell!! Go on toss me off! Horny as fuck getting a wank from your sister,point it over the toilet I said,with that I shot my load mmmm look at that,we've never spoken about it since

19 days ago

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    • Reminds me of having a few drinks with my hot older sister at an outdoor bar one night. We have a sexual history and she loves bringing things up, and asked me "Remember the time I took you to work and all I had on was my tiny, black bikini for the drive? You're hands were all over me, and you got so hard! I noticed!", with a sly smile that recalled that day exactly. She did take me to a part time job I had, didn't want to change out of her bikini, so drove like that, and after the first turn from home, yes, my hands were all over her body. She was driving me crazy and got me so hard for her.

      Then, after doing a shot with her, she asked "Still get that hard for me? I still do it for you, don't I?", knowing she did. I told her absolutely yes, no woman I've ever been with gets me as hard as you do (also true), and my own "Want me to prove it?". She was up for it, we went back to the hotel room we were staying at, and in the elevator, she started feeling my crotch and noticing the erection she was causing. Got back to the room, I locked the door, put her onto the bed, and told her "Now you'll see how hard you still get me..And feel it". The sex was wild, and overdue, and the next morning while we took a shower together, she told me I wasn't kidding, you really do still get hard for me, I felt it, and loved that she could still make me explode like she did.

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