An honest mistake,I sent my big sister a photo of my cock by accident!! Im 43 she's 56,it was meant for my wife,it was to late to apologise she'd already received it,surprisingly I had no reply,about a week later I went down my mother's house and Julie my sister was there,obviously embarrassed!! While my mother was making a cup of tea Julie said to me I take it that pic wasn't meant for me brother!!! Course it wasn't I said,is it you in the picture? All red faced yes it was Jul! Wow little brother you've grown from what I remember!!! Shut up I said! No I mean it send me another one!! Then mum came back into the room,we drunk our tea and went our separate ways,about a week later Julie messaged me saying cmon send me some more,was she pulling my leg! Fuck it! I sent her loads of dick pics!!! Do you want to see me? Whatever I said! Well I couldn't believe what she sent me! My big sis stark naked totally shaved cunt and tits on show!! Horny as fuck I must admit! I've fucked all of your friends she said and I bet none of them have told you have they!!! Wow you what sis the bastards and you tart 😛 and I bet you didn't know about me aunty Ann and uncle Jim did you!!! Fuck off Julie your winding me up? Jim and ann used to run our local pub! Spit it out sis! Uncle Jim and his snooker mates used to fuck me on the snooker table while Ann filmed it all!!! So be careful who you send pictures of your cock to in future little brother we're not all as innocent as you think

18 days ago

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    • Sounds like a green light to me!!!!

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