An innocent text

Got in from golf last weekend pretty drunk after getting a hole in one,most people I knew got to hear about it,I couldn't help but gloat!! I text my sister saying your brilliant little brother got a hole in one today!! Well done bruv I had back,being a tad drunk I replied saying I may have another hole later on!! Haha lucky jess!! She said,now me and my sis have never talked like this before to each other,how's things with you and Wayne anyway I asked? They were going through a rough patch but seemed to be getting over it,I wish Wayne was feeling like you tonight bruv!! Oh yeah feeling frisky are you??? I've even shaved down below for him !! Really sis,I didn't want to know that!! Cmon jess told me you like a hairy bush!! And I've seen her in the changing rooms in the club! Did she now.. we've had loads of girly chats bruv! I even know how big your dick is πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ fuck off I said,just shy of 7 inches,am I right? What else has she told you? That you love sticking it up her ass! She's the one that told me to let Wayne do it to me!! I was getting strangly aroused. Do you like it then sis? Are you kidding! its amazing although Wayne's dick isn't as big as yours!! Well cheers sis!!! There was a pause in texts,you got any pics of it then? What? My cock? What else would I be talking about bruv!! I had loads of dick pics,I sent her what I thought showed me off bigger than I was!! Wow Kevin that looks bigger than 7 inches and that fits in jess's bumπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ easily sis!! Send me some pics of you then naughty!! My phone beeped,there were no photos but a video? Fuck,there was my sister naked on her bed ramming a dildo in her pussy and telling me she wants my cock in her asshole,it was the horniest thing I've ever seen,do a video of you wanking your big dick and cumming!! I sent it to her.... little bruv this is between you and me and that was that! We haven't seen each other in person yet! I really can't wait

1 month ago

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