Dirty dad

I've been married to my wife trina for 25 years nearly,we married at 21,I've had a great relationship with her father Frankie over the years,me and him went out for a drink off the cuff last month,after about 6 pints he says to me,so what's it like sleeping with that daughter of mine son? What do you mean Frankie I said,you know what's she like in the sack!! A bit personal a question isn't it! Cmon you can tell me! She loves it Frankie,all shapes in fact! Have you got any pictures of her? If you'd like to see yes! Wheres he going with this! I had a photo of trinas ass from behind,you can see both of her holes plain! Ooofff look at that son! Look at her asshole!! Oh yes she loves it up her ass Frankie! Well I never he said,I've got a video of me and one if the boys fucking her,show me! It's me and my mate Dan having a threesome with her,Dan's up her ass to then!! Oh yeah she's had loads of cock in her ass,my daughter is a filthy tart then,send them to my phone son will you! So I did.we were both home an hour later,the following week Frankie came to ours for dinner,I don't know why trina had his phone but she did,what the fuck is that doing on your phone dad? She'd gone through his messages and found herself! Why have you sent those to my dad you prick !! I asked him that's why,I made a quick exit to the kitchen,you asked him for pictures and videos of me dad! I know,I feel ashamed of myself,turn you on do I? Don't be cross if I say yes darling,he told me a few stories about you too,which ones? That you like it up your bum! Did he tell you about the 4 black guys fucking me? No he didn't mention that! We met them at a hotel,they took me to the room and shared me all night,their cocks were huge all 9 inches plus and every one of them fucked my ass dad! There is that hot enough for you,you old pervert,now get down the pub I'll talk to you again

20 days ago

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