Tickling and inappropriate touching

When I was about 8 I would pretend I was a gymnast and would try doing splits, headstands, backbends, etc. I had twin older brothers, about 10 at the time. I'd try to show off when they had their friends around. It always ended up with tickle fights. I'd be in a handstand or a backbend and they'd say they'd help me but instead start grabbing my sides and legs and tickling away. I loved being tickled plus I liked the attention from the boys who usually ignored me. Pretty soon the tickling started to involve them making remarks when my shirt would show my chest if I was upside-down. They'd tease me about my titties but how flat I was because afterall I was only about 9 or 10 at the time. The tickling would start but now it included their hands going specific places, trying to grab my chest or pushing my shorts leg holes aside. I didn't know why at the time but I loved the way it felt, the combination of them paying attention to me, tickling me, and their hands all over. They'd gang up two or three of them against me. I couldn't move and could hardly breathe from laughing. As time went on, they'd start spanking me sometimes. At first just a slap on my bottom here and there. When I was about 11 my titties started to grow just the very littlest bit. When my brothers had their friends over I started dressing in deliberate clothes that were super loose. Usually a short but loose top, and shorts with an elastic waist and wide open legs. I'd start doing my gymnastics in the family room if they were inside watching tv or outside if they were shooting basketball or kicking around a soccer ball. I'd do a back-bend and my top fell open and the legs of the shorts would be gaping open. I'd stay like that till they noticed and they all came over to start tickling me and teasing me about my titties. After the tickle fight, one of them would bend me over and start spanking my bottom. Then they'd try to pull my shorts down and spank me on my butt. They'd ask to see my big titties and I'd pull up my blouse and let them see. When I was about 11 and my brothers were about 13 we were in the playroom upstairs and our parents were downstairs watching tv and making dinner. The olympics were one and they started saying that all the girl gymnasts had flat chests and I'd be like that too and boys wouldn't like me or would think I was a boy. Of course I believed them. Then they said they heard that the girls whose titties grew it was because they'd rub them or their boyfriends or the coaches would suck on them. Again I was getting upset and believed them again. Then they came up with the idea that they'd help me if I let them suck on my titties and rub my chest. I wanted bigger tits so I jumped at the offer. I pulled up my top and they started to rub my tits which were very tiny. It alternated between them rubbing and squeezing them and tickling. Then they pulled down my shorts and started spanking my bottom. I was laughing and they pulled down my panties and spanked my butt harder. It really stung bad but I couldn't stop laughing. I couldn't get away and we were soon rolling around in a big tickle fight but now it included more of them pinching me on my titties and my bottom and between my legs. They told me that "down there" they thought boys and girls were different and said they wanted to check and see. They pulled my shorts and panties all the way down to my ankles, looking down there and poking around a little. I kept asking if we were different but they just kept teasing me and wouldn't answer. Our mom started calling us for dinner so that session stopped. The next time their friends were over it was about six of them and they were all hanging out in the backyard. Before I could head outside one of my brothers came up to my room and told me to come outside. When I got there they actually asked me to go up into their clubhouse (tree house) with them. This NEVER happened. When I got up there it was my brothers and four of their friends. They started a tickle fight and kept singing "Flatsy Flatsy, you're flat and that's that" over and over. But one of my brothers stopped them and said I wouldn't be Flatsy much longer because I found out a way to make them grow because gymnast titties are always flat like a boy and I didn't want that. My brothers said "And it works" they told me to pull up my top and show them my tiny little tits. I was feeling super embarrassed but I liked the attention and they were all oohing and ahhing. My brother said that I could do the rubbing but I couldn't suck on them myself so I needed help and did their friends want to help me. They ALL said yes and told me to take off my top. It felt weird but I took it off and they each took a turn rubbing my chest, then they each took a turn sucking on my titties. Of course I know now, as an adult, why it felt so good but then I thought I just loved the attention I was getting and didn't really understand the rest. My brothers also said I told them I heard that boys and girls were different "down there" (you like how they put all the blame on me for finding out all this stuff?) A couple of their friends said they didn't believe it and before I could move my brother pulled down my shorts and panties. I was wriggling around but they all got a good look as they turned me around in a circle. Then they told me to lay down on the floor facedown and they started spanking me on my bare butt. They didn't show me what they had "down there" and I didn't dare ask but then they told me to leave before mom found me up there. I pulled up my shorts and put on my top, scurried out the doorway and down the slide. I ran into the house and up to my room, locked the door and pulled out a mirror to try and look "down there" but I didn't explore too much. I couldn't stop thinking about what had happened that day and wondered when it would happen again. Over the next weeks and months my brothers and their friends would invite me up to their clubhouse or in my brothers room and we played the tittie game. I was almost always naked or near naked and I never did see what they had "down there" for a long time. But the games advanced more to included learning to kiss with tongues and most of them had put a finger "down there" along with sucking my nipples and rubbing my tits. I was definitely liking the feeling more and more, and especially when it was only one of them at a time but it was usually one of them but the others wanted to watch. My brothers and I explored a little more and definitely more frequently either at night after our parents went to bed or went out. As the boys were getting older they got bored with the games, probably because they were getting girlfriends but my brothers and I would still masturbate together sometimes or make out, and actually one of their friends became my first boyfriend, my first sex experience, and we've been married for a while now. We still giggle about the "old days" at times and now that we have our own kids we definitely keep them apart at night and keep an eye out when things get too quiet! The boy's bedrooms are on the first floor and our twin girls' bedroom is upstairs. Our parents never did catch us, or never let on if they did. I'm guessing most kids did some exploration and experimenting growing up but I have to say that I had mixed feelings about what I did through my high school and college years and was quite the party slut thinking that was just me.


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  • I find this story hard to believe in the way it's written. Especially the part where an 11yo (or even 8) doesn't know that boys have penises and girls have vulvas. The way it flows sounds more like fantasy than an account.

  • I its all mostly fantasy on here. But still confessional

  • Would it have killed you to use paragraphs?

  • Maybe. I don't know.

  • Does your husband know that you and your brothers continued to "explore" afterwards?

    My wife did some "exploring" with her brother too. They don't anymore, (as far as I know). But, I get super excited when she tells me about their fun.

  • No I never told my husband and I don't think my brothers did either. He's never asked about it either.

  • Family sex is hot!
    I know my wife used to fuck her dad and that to me is amazing. I love to talk to her about it!

  • Love your story.
    My best friend's sister was in gymnastics also (and flat chested). He teased her quite a bit. I would laugh at his teasing. But, I felt bad because, I thought she was really cute. I didn't get to see as much of her as your brother's friends did of you.

    Try as you may, I don't think that you can stop your boys and girls from everything.
    It's part of growing up. We all do it.
    They'll have stories of their own, someday.

  • I wouldn't mind if I found out they had just seen each other or just innocent curiosity but I wouldn't want it to go too far. Especially as they got older.

  • I’ve always fantasised about family sex and in particular I find my cousin and sisters daughter very attractive. But I’d never go there. However when I was 8 or 9 I used to watch them bath and touch them when they were in bed..fortunately this didn’t lead to any sexual deviance in my life other than I’m attracted to pre pubescent girls..

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