Feel bad confession/question

I have sexual desires against my aunt and cousin, my aunt's name is Alexandra and my cousins name is Jennifer both fake names for privacy. Alexandra is my aunt by marriage and Jennifer is my first cousin, I feel really bad because I have sexual desires for both of them and there my family, my cousin Jennifer me and her have been close for as long as I can remember I never felt this way for her but over the years she's obviously grown up, the first time I started getting sexual desires against her was two years ago during summer, she was wearing a revealing short summer dress to a family gathering ever since then she started wearing more revealing clothes and it honestly doesn't help me at all, I feel ashamed I've invited her over to my house a few times to "hang out" just to see if I could have a chance to have sex with her but the closest I've gotten with her was her collecting her saliva and spiting on my arm (long story behind that) I went to the bathroom to "wipe it off" but I got turned on over her spitting and used her thick saliva to masturbate , because of Jennifer and my aunt Alexandra. mostly because of Alexandra I developed a leg fetish she loves to dress like a stripper in town with 6 inch heels ( my whole family doesn't like her because she dresses slutty) even tho but my cousin Jennifer dresses sluty too, I know it's just a sexual desire that will go away if I were to get a simple hand job from either one of them, but the chances of me getting a hand job from either one of them are low, I know that my aunt has been cheating on my uncle for the past year, I could probably blackmail her into giving me a simple hand job but it's obviously a bad idea, and for my cousin she admit to having car sex with her bf, she was curious about oral sex but then they broke up before anything happened. I was thinking on telling her we can practice with each other but that only works in porn videos lol, please if anybody has advice tell me. I feel bad that I feel this way for them but I can't help it


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  • Thanks Ive honestly been trying to ignore my aunt and cousin for the past month because of it, but I guess you are right it's just man made laws. Im going to ask my aunt because she's most likely more experience then my cousin and hopefully she agrees with something

  • Like the comments below, it’s just a bullshit man made law. Go to we’re your desired feelings take you, she or both will understand stand. If they say no ok you tried.

  • Why do you feel bad about desiring your aunt or cousin? It is perfectly normal for a young man to be attracted to any females. Your cock has no concept of relatives being off limits. It is only a man-made/religious notion that incest is bad. No other animals on the planet are concerned with fucking their own relatives, a male animal will fuck any female that is in heat, and the female will be receptive, even if it is her own offspring or sibbling. Just put aside all the religious inspired bullshit and fuck the holy shit out of your aunt, cousin, sister, mother, or anyone else you can get your cock into.

  • When my aunt was younger I wanted her. Her two daughters are hot. Would love to mount them too

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