I have all kinds of fetish’s

I really don’t care what anybody thinks about all of my sexual fetish’s .
Yes o have a dirty panty fetish . And I love to suck a mans Cumm out of my wife’s well fucked pussy . Yes I love to have men and women piss inside of my mouth and swallow it all down my throat and I even love to de the submissive man in the bedroom. I love getting all kinds of things out in my ass . The bigger it is the more I love it . I’ve even had 3 transgenders at the same time I had 2 of them ducking my ass at the same time and 1 inside of my mouth going to town on my ass . I even had mad my ass whipped with a belt while I was getting fucked in my ass . I what really gets me going is when someone drips hot wax onto my nipples and all over my body including my dick and my balls and even pinch my nipples really hard . The more pain I get the more pain I need. With the pain I receive the more horny I get sometimes that my dick starts to really hurt in a good way because I’m so backed up full of my Cumm going to explode all over my body . And most of the time with my high pain tolerance I’m able to control myself for a good bit of time before I can’t take it anymore and when I do shoot my load I make sure that I have my cock in my hand to make sure that I’m going to get some of my load inside my mouth and what I don’t hit my mouth with I’ll wipe it with my fingers and suck on my fingers until they are all clean of my Cumm .

17 days ago


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    • I’m not the original poster, but. I’m a guy that would pretty much have fun with anyone M or F I’m 40 and would be up for action with anyone, My experiences so far include, girls between 17 years younger to 26 years older, and guys up to 25 years older! Sexy time is any time with anyone for me!

    • To each there own. Do you fuck everyone

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