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Last December 2020 I had an affair with a black man and my husband doesn't know about it. We had a rough year of disagreements and arguments about direction for our 2 kids and things in house and so on last year to the point we barely talked and especially no sex. I'm losing my youth with my husband as I had just turned 34 in December last year. So I started hanging out with my friend from work who always had weekend get togethers at her place. One weekend at a get together I met her black co worker he was very young (23) where we talked pretty much the entire time. We exchanged numbers to talk or text more. The next weekend another get together and her black co worker showed up. We shared drinks together, did a lot of flirting and had some kisses. My friend knew my situation and was going to keep it low key from my husband so she offered her bed room to me to take her co worker to and have sex. I got excited and horny at the idea. So I took him to the bedroom. He seemed nervous but We got naked i shoved him on the bed to give him a long deep throat blow job till I straddled on top of him to ride his cock fast and hard. I even got to have an extremely intense orgasm while riding his cock. Finally he felt he had to cum, he was nervous about cumming inside me as he tried to push me off. But I kept a tight straddle as I kept a steady thrusting pace. He was begging me to get off because he was going to cum, I told him to cum inside me im on an IUD. He still insisted I get off so I rode him faster. Finally he grunted and moaned as he released a powerfully strong load of cum inside of me. It felt amazingly great feeling warm squirts of cum inside my pussy as it has been nearly a year since I felt something like that. It definitely was a sexual release I needed.
It was funny hearing from my friend how her black co worker I fucked asked at least 3 times in 1 week after we had sex he was nervous and scared as he kept asking "is she pregnant?" to my friend about me or saying " God I hope I didn't get her pregnant" part of me wishes when I had sex with that black man that either I didn't have an IUD in or wished that it failed and I had gotten pregnant one way or the other just to stick it to my husband.
I still got his number but haven't talked to him in since March of this year. As that amazing night of sex was the last time I had great sex as a few times after that I had horrible sex with my husband that resulted in him going limp everytime. So he just fingers me alot or i suck his mostly limp cock.
On another note in February of 2022 I'm due to get a new IUD if I decide to. If I don't get it I Been getting myself wet at the idea of hooking up with that black man and let him shoot multiple monster loads in me and get me pregnant. It would help me create an out of my marriage. I really would want one more baby before I can't have any more but my husband don't not to mention he can never stay hard long enough.
I still got to think on it, but its an option for me.

20 days ago


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    • Don't get pregnant just to get out of your marriage. That is a coward's way out and creates a child who will not have a father present. If you need an way to get your hubby to leave you, just send him the URL of this confession and tell him you wrote it.

    • It is a guy that wrote that fake story.

    • Thanks for your confession.

    • Don't get knocked up to get a divorce. That's just dumb. Get the iud and have fun.

    • Wait 34 and you have not had enough dick yet. So you decided to betray your husband. Your a filthy cunt whore just get a spade tattoo and live your life serving bbc

    • That's hot, i would impregnate you in notime

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