Asked wife how many she'd sucked

One sexy night with my 35 yr old wife - she mentioned that she'd sucked off the lawyer I had recently visited.
"I was in his office on county business - next thing I know he went over and closed his office door, locked it, and then he's leaning back against his desk in front of me of my chair and asked if I'd ever sucked a man."
"Well, so I did him - but he got mad when he saw that a little of my gum was stuck in his pubes!" (you didn't remove your gum?! :-)
A few nights later I happened to mention another lawyer.....and noticed she was smiling.
"Did you suck him, too?"
She nodded, then kissed me deeply, "Sorry!"
No reason to be sorry - we hadn't met. "Umm, so how many guys had you sucked off before we met?"
She said she'd think about it, make a list - and get back to me.
She handed me a list one night in bed. First names only. There were 19 names on the list. She added - "about 6 or 7 I did more than a once, and 3 - many times..."
I didn't mention this to my new wife - but I imagined that word had been spread that this sexy blond ..."swallowed!"
She did mention that "every guy I went down on - also went down on me."
We have some super sex when she recounts her escapades in beds, cabs, cars, bridges, bushes, hotels, offices, a library!, etc.

27 days ago

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    • My wife and I were watching clerks and it came to the joke about how many dicks have you sucked vs ppl slept with. She had slept with 13 different guys and 4 girls when we met. We have been married for 16 years. In those years, she’s slept with 4 more men and another woman. I said, “So including me that would be 18 guys whose dicks you’ve sucked?” She said, “Well sucking dick is different. That would be at least double that.” Didn’t bother me one bit. I love that she is in tune with her sexuality and does what feels good. I paraphrased one of the lines from clerks, “You certainly have sucked enough dick!” She said, “Indeed I have. What can I say? I love to suck dick!”

    • Haha I was going to make a joke like "Try not to suck any dicks on your way across the parking lot!" I love that movie.

    • I said that exactly line to her on more than one occasion. Just giving her shit. One time she said, “You know one of these days I’m gonna suck off a random guy in the parking lot.”

    • I'd met my wife in high school and I knew she'd 'been around' but never knew the exact number. She kept brushing me off with, "You know" or "More than one or two."
      We've been married 25 years and have 3 kids. 20, 19 & 17.
      We have everything so for our 25th anniversary we decided to not buy gifts. We had to be creative. I did, flowers, candy and dinner reservations at the country club.
      She gave me a card with tickets for three wishes. I got to pick her outfit for dinner, what positions I wanted in the bedroom and finally she needed to come clean and tell me the truth. "How many guys have you had sex with including oral."
      She warned me and made me promise not to get mad or do anything drastic like ask for a divorce. I told her I could handle it and assured her we'll be fine. I'm just curious after all these years. Let me think on his one. I may need to withdraw your wish and give you the green light for anal instead.
      It you knew her, that was big! She never gives in for anal! I knew not to even ask as one of my original wishes.
      On the drive back from dinner she said, "51 blow jobs and I've had sex with 31 guys."
      I thought that number was high since we started dating when we were 17 and been together ever since.
      She started early in life. Before we were an item. It was 20 bjs and 17 guys. Most were guys in school and 5 were male teachers or coaches. I did know about them previously. LOL
      The rest were various guys she'd met at work.

    • My wife has fucked a couple of guys she works with. Doesn’t bother me. As long as it’s just sex and not mental.

    • Same here. My wife and I are open. I know she's had sex with a few of my friends and her boss. It's not like they're going on a date. They call and she goes to their place. We have teenage kids at home so the only agreement we have is 'not in our house'. So she goes to their place.

    • I asked my wife how many guys she has sucked off. She looked at me and said before we got married or after. I knew that she was kinda easy when she was younger. I had heard stories about her before we got married. I guess it wasn't a surprise to find out that she was fucking around behind my back. She told me that she was with at least 20 guys before me. And after we got married she's been with 10 guys. We were only married 4 years then.i expected how she was before we got married so I have let her continue.

    • How many of them did she go down on since you've been married? Don't dismiss it out of hand. You really need to ask.

    • We were at a Xmas Party our new neighbors were having, wife and I. We're mid 20's. Everyone else is older. The Neighbor's friend was there and my wife Lilly knew him and was a little too chummy (Bob, mid 40's, homely chubby wife)-- About a month later she tells me she had a summer Job in Bob's Law office (100 miles away) and gave him first of many blowjobs. They got chummy, he'd take her to lunch, confined that he never had BJ -- his wife (born in the 30's girls didn't do it) She told him to give a handsome older guy his first blowjob would be an honor -- let me know. It turns out he's hung like a porn star -- "I'm his fuck buddy, blowjob queen -- his homely useless wife can kiss my ass." Small world. She did seem rude to her at the party.

    • She's still his fuck buddy?

    • This was in the 80's -- she may have been -- she wouldn't fess up to cheating on me. In the 90's a buddy was going though a rough divorce. I caught her giving him a blowjob, actually watched her suck him off from a 2nd floor balcony. I was too embarrassed to say anything -- just watched. Years later I told her. She said she gave him mercy BJs, like an unpaid hooker. He was so depressed, don't harm yourself and I'll give you BJs till things get better. And make him promise not to to fuck some barroom slut or hooker. In her 60s she still loves sucking dick.

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