Wife gives us panty shots before going to work

When my wife is ready for work it is my custom to ask, "what color panties are you wearing today...so I can think about you while you're gone."
"I want to see!"
She says, "Men!!"....because she's always in a hurry.
She hikes her up her mid thigh skirts and gives me a panty shot, then turns for my approval of her cute butt in panties.
She only wears bikini panties - sometimes a thong - and on cold days she wears sheer panty hose over the panties. (interestingly, she shared that when she wears her tight slacks in the winter - she skips the panties, wears only panty hose - "so no panty lines!"....or nothing at all under the slacks!!)
The flirting comes in because I insist we keep up our tradition even if I have a male friend over to visit. They get a real kick out of the quick "up skirt for a crotch shot and quick spin to check out her cute little tight pantied bottom" of this slim young SoCal blond. (often with a bit of nice panty wedgie!)
Actually - since it doesn't happen often - I know she goes off to work - not angry - but with a bit of a moist pussy by the time she gets there - thinking about what she just did!
There's something really sexy about the sight of her mound in flowered bikini panties all crushed under sheer panty hose. At least for me! I just want to stick my face in there.....

24 days ago

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