Glory to all !

I did something that my friends don't know about. We went to a house that I found out they were having a glory hole at. What they didn't know was that it was me who sucked them off. Before hand I had shaved really close. Then I took with me a kit I could install in the bathroom. It consisted of a glue on nail kit. After installing I painted my nails hot pink and put on lipstick. Then I slipped down around back outside to the basement door. I then got ready to suck their cocks one by one. It was so much fun. I have medium skinny thin fingers. My hand looks more like a ladies anyway. So what they got just a small view of was my nails and lipstick. They thought a hot sexy young gal was touching them stroking them then sucking on their cocks. It was me. I loved sucking my friends sexy cocks. The 5 of them didn't have a clue who it really was. Except the huge smile on my face might have given it away. I loved feeling their sexy balls on my chin as I sucked each of them off. Yummy tasting warm milky juice filling my mouth. I sucked a few more cocks besides my pals. It was 9 in all. A couple I could tell were really old dicks. It didn't faze me one bit. Did I say how much I enjoy giving head. I do I do I do . I would love to suck all you sexy hot men who are reading my post. Cover me in semen.

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  • How about my big hairy balls on your chin mate? I think I could fill your needs to be used. I don't mind if you dress up like a gal either. Good day

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