My dirty wife

My fantasy was always to watch my wife getting gangbanged,I've used dildos on her while im in either hole and she loves it,I've often said to her I bet you'd love another cock in you,one of our daughters is going out with a boy called rohan,he's only 18! Good kid,me the wife our daughter and rohan had a good few drinks this night,as usual the girls are useless drinkers hayley my wife fell asleep on the sofa and Debbie went up to bed leaving me and rohan,he was quite drunk now,he glanced towards hayley on the sofa and said your a lucky man mr jones,how come rohan? I think hayley is stunning I hope Debbie looks like her when she's her age! Or yeah,fancy the Mrs do you!! Don't get nasty or anything it's just a compliment! I'm only joking son! Here have a look at these,I gave him my phone with naked photos of hayley and a few videos of us ! Fucking hell Mr Jones she's stunning! I love her hairy bush,hope you don't mind me saying but what id give to fuck hayley! That got me thinking! Fuck it im gonna try my luck with my drunk wife! Sit next to her rohan,I tried to wake her up! No chance so I put my hand down her jeans and felt her pussy! That woke her,get off she said,cmon baby I'm horny let's do some x rated things! You are kinky luv she said,we started kissing and getting in the mood then she noticed rohan next to her! Omg John stop! Rohan is here! He fancies you love! Are you serious he's 18 and our daughters boyfriend,it's true hayley I think your amazing, remember we've talked about another guy with us! Hey presto luv rohan,Mr Jones showed me your pictures hayley! What pictures? You know the naked ones!! Omg John you didn't? He did Mrs Jones they really turned me on! But what about Debbie? She's upstairs,she doesn't have to know!! Cmon luv take your top off! We shouldn't be doing this! Just take it off,rohans eyes lit up,get those jeans off,I could see the bulge in rohans pants,he loves your hairy pussy luv! Does he now! Well get your head down there a taste me you filthy boy,rohan yanked hayleys knickers off and lapped away at her cunt aaww That's it,I had my cock out now wanking watching our daughters boyfriend eating my wifes hairy pussy,I want to see what my daughters getting,stand up,hayley sat up and undid rohans jeans,pulled them down and grabbed his young cock mmmm Debbie is a lucky girl,hayley swallowed his cock in her mouth,rohan groaned in extasy,I said to rohan go on fuck her son its what you dreamed of! Hayley layed right back on the couch,fuck me now! What a sight,watching an 18 year old fuck my wife!!!! Shall we try it luv I said? Try what rohan said,two cocks together son! Do you want her arse? Yes please!! I got on the floor,hayley mounted me,rohan watched ! Are you ready Mrs Jones? Stick it in my arse! I was living out my fantasy,my wife was getting dp'ed and it was amazing,hayley turned to rohan and said,I bet Debbie doesn't let you fuck her up her arse? To our surprise he said well actually she does!! Hayley seemed quite shocked,what a tart my daughter is! Ironic I thought as she was getting double fucked 🤣 I want the two of you to cum in my mouth,we pulled our cocks out of her holes and wanked over my wifes face!! And all that without waking Debbie up

24 days ago

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    • Hmmm, a rohan job. Better than nothing, I guess.

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