Pizza dare

My wife and I were enjoying a road trip. I had to visit several towns for my job and took Jess with me to keep me company. We were staying at a Ramada Inn in a small town in Oklahoma. At night we would drink or take in the local sites. This particular town had very little to do.
We had a case of beer and were sitting on the deck enjoying each other's company. I suggested a pizza and my wife immediately says " ok I'll do it! " I have no idea what she is talking until she says " the pizza dare. "
The pizza dare is traditionally done by the women, she answers the door in a towel and "accidentally" drops her towel giving the delivery man a flash. We have discussed this scenario but tonight she has an different spin on it.
I call in a pizza and am told it will arrive in 40-60 minutes. Jess slams a beer and starts smoking a pre roll for courage. She changes into a robe with nothing on underneath. She has some glitter lotion and she spreads it all over her chest, stomach and ass. I must admit she looks amazing.
The driver arrives and I invite him in. I ask him if he knows about the pizza dare and if anyone has ever done it to him. He replies that he hasn't been that lucky. At that moment Jess steps out of the bathroom and walks towards us. Her tits are bouncing and she has shaved clean so her pussy is also on display. Being a good sport she walks in and does a slow turn letting us take in her ass also.
I tip the driver an extra $20 and thank him for the pizza. Jess asks the driver what his name is and he responds "David" she tells him that the pizza dare was a fantasy that I had requested. David said he was proud to be a part of it. She then asks "would you be willing to take some pictures so my husband will have something to remember this occasion?" David said he would enjoy it very much.
I grabbed my camera bag and set up my camera for him. Jess says we are going to take four pictures. The first one I would like a closeup of my tits. The second picture has of her ass and the third was of her pussy. She posed on the bed and you could clearly see her wetness.
She turns to David and says now I will pose however you would like David. E has her lay over the bed and gets another nice picture from behind. She asks me to take the camera and walks over to David. She stands right in front of him and grabs his hands and places them on her tits. I take several pictures and it's time for David to leave because I'm not sharing anymore than that.
As soon as David leaves, Jess is all over me. We make love and look at the pictures on my camera. I will admit I have masterbated many times looking at those pictures. Sometimes I feel very lucky.

27 days ago

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    • Well it’s time for a career change, tomorrow I’m going to apply with Dominoes!!!

    • OMG! Seven years ago my sorority sisters were at summer break in FL and did the same thing. We'd spent the day at the beach and came back inside to smoking pot and drink when someone suggested pizza.
      We all agreed to take off our cloths when the pizza guy arrived. Poor guy. He was 16 or 17 and so nervous when the door opened and none of us were wearing cloths. Cassie tried to get him to come inside and take photos with us. He politely said "NO" but she insisted. Liz and Elaine started kissing and fingering each other. Jen got her phone out but he begged us not too because he's wearing his company shirt & hat and could get fired if they found out. He said he had other deliveries and needed to go.
      He left without us paying. Cassie bragged about getting three free pizzas.
      20 minutes later, the cops knocked on the door and lectured us about what we'd done. She told us there is a city ordinance against that states you must be covered and decent when opening the door for delivery drivers. We also got lectured about excessive drinking and the smell of pot smoke in the room.
      She told us we could be held overnight and required to pay a $250 fine.
      She added it was summer break and if we pay our bill, they wouldn't arrest us.
      None of us were in condition to drive so Cassie and Liz got an Uber and paid the bill.

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